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The Buzz Around AI Rollouts: What's Driving the Conversation?

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What you need to know?

It's no secret that adopting AI has the potential to transform the way HR professionals work (here's a quick guide on how). According to Gartner, while only 5% of HR departments have implemented generative AI, 60% of HR leaders are involved in company-wide discussions about what this will look like.

Undoubtedly, AI holds the potential to make HR even more “human” by eliminating the repetitive, low-value work to make room for the high-impact work that HR was hired to do. This week Unleash warned that companies need to give HR a key role to ensure the use of AI is carried out safely and responsibly.

What others say about it?

"AI is good at turning data into insights, but moving from insights to action requires sound human judgment, experience and strategic thinking," says Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzi, Professor of Business Psychology at University College London, in our latest white paper.

He adds: "This is where leadership plays a fundamental role and we have already seen numerous examples where companies fail to implement their digital transformation and AI strategies because leadership is disengaged, disinterested or unwilling to support progress to move forward."

What this means for you?

There is no doubt that generative AI has the potential to be a game-changer for HR. However, because it works with such sensitive data, the privacy and security of your employees (and of course that of your company) must be a priority before introducing AI programs.

Before the inevitable introduction of AI, we recommend taking the following steps to increase trust in your business:

Make sure leadership agrees: Establish robust reporting to track cost savings and other metrics, such as: to track employees' opinions about the introduction of AI. Build a business case for an AI tool to show the potential impact on the bottom line.

Set up AI training for your company: We recommend AI training that is mandatory for all employees and tailored to specific teams. The training should cover the basics, but also include applicable examples and clear do's and don'ts.

Create a safe space for employee concerns: We’ve seen that fear of job loss is real and widespread when it comes to AI. Be sure to listen to employee concerns at this early stage and address them directly during employee AI training.

As the AI conversation gains momentum, IceHrm emphasizes the need for a strategic and responsible approach in HR AI rollouts. Prioritizing employee trust, privacy, and comprehensive training ensures a seamless integration of AI tools.

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