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Recruitment Success: How To Elevate Hiring with the Right Workplace

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An important factor for success in recruiting is the working environment. You can offer a candidate the best perks, but if they have to work in a hostile work atmosphere, you're likely to lose them.

Although it's not the primary job of HR managers, a positive work environment will convince current employees to stay longer.

Let’s take a closer look at how the work environment impacts recruiting success.

The work environment is crucial to success in recruiting

Many employers think they know what employees want. Many people think of great amenities like an on-site gym. However, in a recent Harvard study, employees said they wanted basic needs met, such as: E.g.:

• Better air quality;
• Natural light;
• A personalized workspace.

In summary, most respondents want their workplace to care about their health and well-being. So if employers focus on creating a workplace that takes care of the basics of employee health and well-being, they will not only be able to attract good employees, but also retain them.

The workplace is important when hiring because it can help you hire a lot of different people and convince really good employees to choose your company. Plus, he can make them stay for a long time.


A diverse team is one of the best assets a company can have.

Research from McKinsey & Company has shown a clear connection between profitability and gender and ethnic diversity. Companies that focused on employing different types of employees were more likely to achieve better financial results than others. And they also place more value on it.

When the work environment is designed to welcome and support a diverse and inclusive workforce, it is easier to attract an applicant pool full of people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills.

As a result, you can create a diverse team that brings the company the results mentioned above, along with benefits such as greater innovation, greater equity, and better customer service.


Talented employees have many opportunities. What will make them choose you over a competitor that offers them the same position, salary, schedule, and benefits package? Your work environment.

A positive, supportive work environment is important for top talent. You will not choose a company where the work atmosphere is unfriendly and employees feel tired and unhappy. Instead, they will choose a company that values them and offers them everything they need to feel comfortable at work and perform well.

If a qualified candidate is hesitant to apply to your company, the positive work environment will dissuade them.


Retaining the best employees is not a recruiter's main job. However, the main goal is that the employees they recruit get hired and stay with the company for a long time. The working environment plays a big role in this. That's how it works:

  1. You know the working environment offered by the company.
  2. They tell potential employees all about the great work environment they'll get if they're hired.
  3. For this reason (and other reasons, of course), talented applicants apply and the most suitable ones are hired.
  4. Ultimately, the work environment is exactly as you promised, producing happy and productive employees who want to stay because they are well looked after.

Loyal employees keep the company’s turnover rate low. And this means less time and money you’ll spend on recruiting and training new employees and a better bottom line for the business.

How to create an attractive work environment

The location where you work can aid your hiring efforts. So first you need to create a good work environment that attracts the right employees and encourages them to stay.

First, define your ideal employees. Who are you? What skills and personalities do they have? More importantly, what would appeal to them in a work environment? You need to create a work environment that has your ideal employees in mind so that they want to come and stay.

Then, work with leaders to create a positive, supportive work environment tailored to your ideal employees.

This can mean making your systems and processes more efficient. Efficiency increases employee safety and well-being. Clear processes and procedures lead to fewer accidents. They help assign tasks and ensure the amount of work is appropriate. Good communication also becomes easier.

As a result, your employees will feel safer and happier in the workplace, increasing their productivity and boosting morale.

Continue to build an attractive work environment by adopting practices that focus on both recruiting and retaining employees, such as:

  • Implement modern technology that competing organizations don’t have;
  • Design a detailed professional development program;
  • Give current employees bonuses for referring good candidates;
  • Establish job and cultural expectations;
  • Treat everyone fairly;
  • Offer flexible scheduling options;
  • Establish a dedicated human resources department.

The work environment can’t solely be built to attract top talent. It needs to have aspects that support employee retention as well to truly support recruitment efforts.

Recruiting talented employees is so much easier when you have a positive, supportive work environment to showcase, and be sure to highlight this in your job descriptions. Learn more about IceHrm to know how can help you do it.

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