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Navigating Talent Acquisition: 5 Challenges and Solutions

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Ways to improve your talent acquisition approach

If you are looking for qualified applicants, then you already know the problems associated with recruiting. Because unfilled positions and under-hiring can cost your company tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single hire, HR and TA teams are under increased pressure to find suitable talent.

To improve your recruiting strategy and the quality of applicants, here are five proven solutions that can help you mitigate the most common problems in talent acquisition.

1.Focus on your 5 Cs

Challenge: Due to the highly competitive job market, your company must find the right recruiting strategies to attract and hire top talent.

The Solution: Improve and Promote Your 5 Cs:

1.Credibility: Good character and reputation
2.Compensation: Competitive salary and benefits
3.Culture: Shared mission, shared vision and benefits
4.Commitment: Common plan and common strategy
5.Challenge: Challenging but achievable goals and results
6.Use social media

Challenge: Hiring managers are forced to rely on saturated job boards and transaction-based recruiting agencies.

Solution: 86 percent of job seekers use social media during their job search to search for relevant positions, apply directly for jobs and engage with job-related content. Improve your social media recruiting efforts by using some of the following hashtags:

jobopening / #nowhiring / #hiring / #jobsearch / #jobs / #careers / #employment

2.Help overburdened HR teams

Challenge: HR departments are often overworked and understaffed, leading to hasty, last-minute decisions in hiring and onboarding.

The Solution: By taking the time to interview/hire your candidate list, you can:

  • Have honest and sincere conversations
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Express your culture during onboarding
  • Establish a learning plan to accelerate employee understanding and production

If you don't have time for these important tasks, consider partnering with a specialized staffing company.

3.Experiment with different methods of setting

The Challenge: Recruiters struggle to relate to their target audience in the market and/or cannot find the right “cultural alignment,” especially with Millennials and Generation Z.

The solution: By 2025, millennials are expected to make up 75 percent of the global workforce. Currently, Millennials prefer text messages to phone calls. The same goes for Generation Z. Ask yourself, “What do we know about interacting with Millennials or other generations?” If you listen to their preferred communication methods, you will be more successful in recruiting.

4.Find balanced compensation

Challenge: Employers who choose a lower salary range experience higher turnover and ultimately spend more time and resources on the hiring process.

The Solution: The costs of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees—coupled with the costs of unfilled or unsuccessful positions—often outweigh the costs of quality hiring. Weigh your hiring costs against your labor costs and see how the numbers stack up. It's better to spend $70,000 on a quality candidate than $100,000 to hire, fire and replace a less effective employee.

5.Create a valuable employer brand

One challenge: Companies tend to invest more time and effort in the recruiting process and not enough time in employee retention.

The solution: By managing your time more effectively, you can focus on creating:

  • Compelling discounts and incentives
  • Flexible working hours or work arrangements
  • Generous PTO packages
  • Attractive 401k plans
  • Stock options
  • “Work to live”, not “live to work”.
  • A positive workplace culture

Incorporating robust talent acquisition strategies, like those highlighted, streamlines hiring processes and boosts workforce quality. With IceHrm's comprehensive HR solutions, optimize your recruitment efforts effortlessly.

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