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Boost Your Absence Management Using the Strength of HR Software

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All HR employees want to deal with absenteeism before it develops into a more serious problem.

All businesses have their own guidelines and procedures for absence, but for these to work optimally, they must be communicated effectively to both employees and managers, and HR and management must use them proactively and in the right way.

Absence may be a sign of a lack of commitment from the employees, or they may feel overworked. It may be a problem in a particular department or with a line manager, or it may be a chronic illness that has not yet been discovered. Whatever the reason, business leaders must be able to deal with absences in an empathetic and effective way.

Britain is struggling with rising inflation and sky-high energy prices, which means that the pressure on people in everyday life has not necessarily lessened in the wake of the pandemic. Employers are beginning to realize that mental health can have just as much impact on employees' ability to perform work effectively as physical health. Mental health problems are naturally much more difficult to identify than physical ones, so it is more important than ever that the HR department is able to spot trends and identify potential problems as early as possible.

The financial consequences of employee absence

By monitoring absences, managers get an overview of employees' performance, commitment and general well-being. However, the costs of absenteeism are often overlooked. Research shows that the average cost per employee is £522, and with the highest absenteeism in ten years, effective absence management is crucial in the future.

The direct costs of absence include the salary of the absent employee, overtime that colleagues must pay to make up for the absent employee or work overtime, and loss of production. In addition, there are indirect costs such as recruitment of substitutes, training and support time for other employees, the extra pressure on the rest of the team due to the extra workload, as well as the time it takes for the substitutes to get started and become sufficiently productive.

All of this adds up, so it's important to spot a trend of higher-than-usual absenteeism and find the cause before it becomes a bigger and more expensive problem.

The value of HR software for absence management

HR software, such as IceHrm, not only makes it easier to record absences, but also makes it possible to measure and compare absence data internally and externally, helping to understand and manage the causes of absence and identify underlying trends.

HR technology can ensure that managers are following best practices using integrated tools. Reports can then show when employees have reached a trigger threshold, indicating when further conversations are needed to determine if additional support is needed and how absenteeism levels can be improved. Predefined workflows can guide the appropriate staff through the next steps to ensure they perform the right task at the right time.

HR software also makes it possible to manage absences in connection with strategic staffing and planning. This data helps managers calculate when absenteeism is likely to increase, so they can ensure they have sufficient resources and the right skills to avoid additional costs for the company and reduce the risk of reduced production.

Concluding, effective absence management is vital for organizational success. With IceHrm software, businesses can streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve employee well-being.

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