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8 Recruitment Marketing Tools You Need Right Now

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Managing all of the tasks associated with Recruitment Marketing can be difficult. Explore the top 8 Recruitment Marketing tools you need to save time, gain insights, and strengthen your strategies!

You have a lot of responsibilities as a recruitment marketer. Having the right Recruitment Marketing tools to support your efforts is critical when your responsibilities include content creation, marketing, graphic design, project management, and other areas.

But there is good news! Your toolkit does not need to be overly complicated. You can successfully build, elevate, or overhaul your Recruitment Marketing strategy to attract more talent and support your company's hiring goals with just a few powerful, specialized tools used and tested by us and others in our community of over 40,000 practitioners.

Let's take a look at what Recruitment Marketing tools you should have in your toolbox down below.

Content Engagement Tracking

It's impossible to know which strategies, channels, and messaging to use in your content to attract talent unless you know what your candidates are engaging with and clicking on.

This is why a tool like Rally Inside should be in the toolbox of every recruitment marketer. You'll have the insights you need to understand what content topics to create for different job functions you're hiring for, what channels to target for the most engagement, and what's working for other employers in your space if you use an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks, measures, reports, and benchmarks data across your social media and digital channels.

You can also use our Recruitment Marketing Content Recommendations tool to quickly get started, which will recommend which content topics to create based on the job function you're hiring for and the channel you're posting to.

Social Media Management

Manually posting to each social channel may work for some teams, but for those who post multiple times per week or more, or who want to maximize their chances of reaching and engaging candidates, a social media management tool is a must.

With a tool like Hootsuite, for example, you can not only schedule or post content across multiple channels at the same time.

Talent Nurturing

Candidates who have expressed interest in previous roles, silver medalists, current and former team members, and sourced talent are all in your CRM. However, if you do not nurture these candidates after they enter your CRM, you are wasting the full potential of your talent audience!

You can hire faster without job ads, get more engagement on your content, and nurture passive candidates until they're ready to apply by categorizing candidates who enter your CRM into segments and sending them personalized content, which you can do with the help of an automated email platform like Gem.

Personalized Candidate Experience

In today's competitive talent market, where candidates have so many options, a smooth, personalized candidate experience can mean the difference between someone applying to your job and someone applying to a competitor's.

As an example of what "personalized" means, consider a candidate who clicks on a link in one of your job ads. Are there related jobs and content displayed in the sidebar on the landing page in case the original job they clicked on isn't for them? Is there anywhere they can go for quick advice or help, such as a chatbot?

To provide such an experience, use an AI-enabled recruiting platform like PandoLogic and improve the candidate experience when they go through the application process with a platform like Skuid.

Conversion Projecting

How many people will be hired as a result of your proposed strategy?

If this question has ever put you on the defensive when trying to gain support from leaders for your Recruitment Marketing strategy, a conversion projection tool can be a lifesaver.

Recruitment marketing content is often a less direct path to hires than job ads, and it necessitates some data digging to effectively respond. A Recruitment Marketing Conversion Rate Calculator can help with this.

Content Creation

Employee stories are second to none when it comes to content that entices candidates to learn more about your company and apply for positions. Rather than being told why they should work for you, candidates want to see it demonstrated by people they can trust: your employees.

Keeping this in mind, the easier you make it for your employees to create content about their work experiences with you, the better. This may begin by giving them prompts, requesting photos, and putting together their stories yourself, but this manual creation process can quickly become stifling, especially as you try to scale up your content strategy.

You can get even more out of these tools by combining them with a comprehensive Recruitment Marketing measurement plan like IceHrm.

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