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Positive Engagement: From Employee Engagement To Happiness At Work

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Understanding Employee Engagement

As defined by Maslach and Bakker, employee engagement is a multidimensional construct that includes three core elements: drive, dedication and absorption.

Energy: This refers to a high level of energy and mental resilience of employees while at work. Engaged employees are enthusiastic, proactive and willing to put effort into their tasks.

Dedication: Commitment is characterized by a feeling of importance, enthusiasm and pride in one's work. Engaged employees feel strongly connected to their work and are highly committed to their role.

Absorption: Absorption is a state in which employees are completely absorbed in their work, lose track of time and feel a sense of flow. Engaged employees find their work engaging and immersive.
This comprehensive understanding of employee engagement sets the stage for a new way of thinking that includes not only engagement, but also the overall well-being and positive mood of employees in the workplace.

What Is Positive Engagement?

Positive engagement is the gold standard where employees are not only engaged but also ride the Happiness Express and sing songs of joy, purpose and company unity.

In this state of commitment:

  • The employees still have the drive, dedication and receptiveness of experienced professionals.
  • They experience a roller coaster of positive emotions - think joy, gratitude, and excitement - as they complete their daily tasks.
  • Not only their morning latte, but also their work has meaning and purpose as they see how their efforts connect to the company's grand vision.
  • The atmosphere in the office is nothing short of electric, with a sense of camaraderie that rivals that of a sitcom ensemble. It's like Cheers, where everyone knows your name and is always glad you came.

Positive engagement goes beyond “satisfaction” with work. It encompasses a deeper level of fulfillment where employees experience a sense of happiness and overall well-being associated with their work.

The Effects Of Positive Engagement

The shift towards positive engagement brings numerous benefits for both employees and companies:

  • Job satisfaction skyrockets: Employees who are in a state of positive engagement are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, leading to better employee retention and lower turnover.
  • Productivity is through the roof: Positively engaged employees are more productive, more creative and focused on achieving company goals, which ultimately increases overall performance.
  • Healthier Workforce: Positive engagement contributes to improved mental and physical well-being, resulting in lower stress levels and a healthier, more vibrant workforce.
  • Attractive employer brand: Companies that prioritize positive engagement become attractive to potential talent looking for fulfilling and meaningful work experiences.

Promote Positive Engagement In The Workplace

To promote positive engagement, your company can implement strategies guided by the principles of positive psychology and employee well-being:

  • Promote a positive work environment: Creating a workplace that encourages positive interactions, recognizes achievements, and fosters a sense of belonging can have a significant impact on positive engagement.
  • Facilitating Growth and Development: Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth allows employees to capitalize on their strengths and abilities, resulting in a sense of fulfillment and engagement.
  • Promote work-life balance: A healthy work-life balance ensures that employees have the time and energy to fully engage in their work and personal life.
  • Recognition and appreciation of contributions: Regular recognition and appreciation for employees' efforts and achievements instills a sense of value and positivity, which increases their commitment to the company.


In summary, the transition from employee engagement to positive engagement represents a shift towards a more holistic and fulfilling approach to the workplace. By fostering a culture that prioritizes employee engagement, overall well-being, and satisfaction, your company can create an environment in which employees feel comfortable, contribute optimally, and find true fulfillment in their work. This development is a strategic step towards building a harmonious and thriving company in which employees are not only engaged but positively engaged.

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