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6 ways HRIS contributes to employee empowerment

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Creating a culture where people are empowered has proven to be a key factor in employee satisfaction in a position (remember that there is less turnover.) Empowering people can also help increase productivity, as people no longer have to wait for HR managers or managers to make changes. HRIS can help management support employees who are less risky.

1. Promotes empowerment from the beginning

Employee candidates can feel empowered from the outset when the HRIS is used for recruitment. Employee candidates can submit and view the status of an application without interrupting the routine or making unpleasant phone calls. Not only can this help employees feel empowered from the outset, it can also help managers to see how employee candidates behave as they become more independent, which can help ensure that only the right people are selected for the job.

2. It gives employees responsibilities for the information that concerns them

Only the ability to access and modify one’s own information can give employees confidence. Waiting for managers or HR to make significant changes to the tax deduction, beneficiary or personal information can be frustrating for employees who need these changes for a reason. The ability for employees to view schedules and request time off can also give them the impression that they have more control over their work-life and routine.

3. It can help employees become more self-sufficient

When certain functions and features are used in HRIS, employees can access information on upcoming projects, future education and training, and other necessary aspects of daily work. By accessing this information without having to communicate with managers, employees can work more independently and start immediately, rather than waiting for a return trip. When learning management systems are in place, employees can also know when the best time to work on training is, saving time and potentially improving compliance.

4. Promotes communication between colleagues

If communication between colleagues and between management and employees is enabled through HRIS, it can help employees express their opinions on more issues more frequently. Employees may be able to find out about upcoming events, make suggestions and give feedback to their colleagues about their work to date. Open lines of communication can help employees make more direct contributions and feel that their voice counts.

5. HRIS reduces the risks associated with an authorization

360-degree evaluations and customer feedback through HRIS allow management to see how employees are doing their jobs while enjoying more autonomy. This reduces the risks associated with employees abusing their authority by loosening and jeopardizing their income or productivity. Management has a window into the employee universe that makes employee empowerment much more realistic than it has been in many industries in the past.

6. It helps identify employees for their responsible behavior

Using HRIS to visualize employee productivity with a higher degree of autonomy and self-responsibility makes it easier for managers to identify employees who are comfortable with HRIS. Simply saying “good work” can help employees feel more valued. Managers can also communicate rewards or incentives for responsible behavior and exceptional results.

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