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6 Suggestions for Recruiting Over the Holidays

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Holiday vacation time is undoubtedly a disruption for businesses that are in development cycles. It's not an awful one, but it is one. And hiring around the holidays becomes more of a problem than a help. In-house recruiters and recruiting managers are leaving town, and there are fewer openings for open positions among candidates.

The good news is that hiring during the holidays may actually be simpler. Holiday recruiting is frequently less competitive and draws savvy job seekers, whether you are looking for talent for a long-term position or seasonal workers.

6 recommendations for holiday hiring

Your recruiters, whether internal or external, must manage their HR staff and potential applicants when it comes to the Christmas hiring season. Recruitment may seem difficult when combined with PTOs.

However, it is feasible to hire seasonal workers, locate talent, and lessen your stress. To avoid being stuck in a hiring rut, make a strategy in advance.

1.Begin early

Ask your hiring managers or recruiting personnel to schedule their vacation and give a working schedule before you do anything else. Your teams will benefit from having visibility into the scheduling of interviews. Additionally, it will establish reasonable timelines for when candidates can anticipate hearing back from your recruiter.

The last thing you want is for a top talent target interview to go wrong because your business neglected to follow up with its applicants.

2.Explain availability clearly and with flexibility

Make sure you have precise availability times from each of your applicants next. Inquire about their commitments and family time by saying:

  • Which times would be ideal for communication?
  • What time periods are prohibited
    The recruiting manager and potential workers are both, in theory, seeking for a position that will work out. Even if it falls outside of regular business hours, it is OK to request times to connect over the holidays. Just be careful to do it in a polite way.

3.Be patient with your team and with yourself

Let's face it, the holidays make it difficult to concentrate. So be kind to yourself and your team. Yes, it will be more difficult to accomplish your hiring objectives this season. There is no avoiding it. Being less rigid and more laid back when it comes to hiring targets during the season can be beneficial. After all, the work you do today might still pay off in the first few months of the following year.

4.Think about same-day offers

Having a same-day offer prepared for the right applicant when they emerge is one approach to expedite the process.

How does that function? All you want is some quiet time to consider your hiring requirements.

Focus on the specific requirements you have for your prospective employee. The likelihood that job seekers will be motivated to obtain employment during the holidays and prepared to begin the new year with a new employer is very high. Consider improving your job descriptions and developing a checklist of your "ideal employee" for each post so that recruiters can swiftly assess potential prospects. This will help you locate the best personnel.

In order to communicate assessments and information on possible hires with your team, you'll also want to make sure that you have a reliable communication network in place. As a result, decision-making will proceed more quickly.

5.Create alluring offers

The next step is to positively portray your open positions. Candidates will miss their families and special occasions in order to prepare for and attend interviews. They will therefore search for positions that offer an alluring package, such as higher pay, a signing bonus, and better benefits.

Make sure the job description contains all necessary information about compensation.

6.Get ready for the coming year

Finally, you should take use of this opportunity to be ready for the new year. It might be beneficial to get started on the backlog of chores associated with the employment process because hiring during the holidays is frequently uncertain. Your team can work on a number of things in the interim, including updating the job listings, creating better benefits packages, and improving the onboarding procedure.

Use IceHrm to hire the best talent during this holiday season!

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