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What is Vacation Management and How Does it Help Us?

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Each of us needs a break at work because it helps workers recover, combat burnout, attend to personal matters, keep their health in check or simply relax.

According to one article, taking annual leave increases productivity by 40% and reduces sick leave by 28%. Vacations are said to improve performance, creativity and mental health.

Keeping records of employees in different leave categories is tedious and difficult. Therefore, there is a need for a proper leave management system that helps keep track of employees' leave behavior, automates paperwork, and helps the company understand leave policies and procedures.

What is a vacation management system?

A leave management system helps automate the leave request process and streamline it for employees and managers. It reduces inconsistencies that occur during manual editing. The system also provides greater transparency into vacation policies and helps employees track their vacation balances. It is effortless and ensures uninterrupted workflow through proper planning, documentation and approvals.
Cross-company studies have shown that 77% of employees expect it to be easier to complete routine tasks. Therefore, an automated tool is beneficial for companies.

What vacation categories do most companies have?

  • National holidays
  • Flextime vacation
  • Absence due to illness
  • Casual vacation
  • Leave in the event of a death
  • Marriage vacation
  • Severance payments
  • Unpaid vacation
  • Maternity leave

How can vacation management be automated?

Once the HR department has developed a vacation policy and defined vacation categories, it can be entered into the HRMS tool. It helps regulate and effectively structure the process. This eliminates human errors and allows managers and HR to track employee leave cycles. By automating the furlough process, companies can stay compliant and make informed decisions.

All in one tab

It helps the employee to view their vacation balance, public holidays and flextime vacation and to submit a vacation request. While requesting leave, it also helps the employee to understand the leave requests of the other team members. This helps the team plan their working hours and results in easier integration with payroll and easier tracking of vacations.

Holiday categories

It helped the HR team create a vacation policy template and introduce different vacation categories that promote employee well-being. We have also been able to set up floater holidays where employees from different cultures can celebrate their celebrations. The IceHrm Portal makes it possible to add different leave types and customize the field according to our organization's policies.

Promotes better communication

It helps us to be transparent with our employees. IceHrm helps us inform employees about vacation policies and show them how to request vacation. This helps us promote unhindered communication in the workplace and also allows us to cultivate a culture of empowerment.

Reduction of administrative burden

Employees no longer have to contact HR if they have questions about vacation. IceHrm contains all the necessary information and reduces administrative effort. The interface is simple and access to the data is possible anytime, anywhere.

This management tool helps us foster an inclusive work culture where we can prioritize our employees and keep them happy. IceHrm streamlines our workflows and serves as a strategic tool that helps us track and monitor vacation reports and records.

With IceHrm's vacation management system, companies can streamline workflows, reduce administrative burden, and prioritize employee well-being.

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