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Utilizing HR Technology to Enhance Engagement within the Workforce

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Employee engagement is a major issue for employers, and new research shows that the UK has the highest proportion of actively disengaged employees in Europe.

It is a problem that organizations urgently need to address, since it has been documented that there is a strong connection between commitment and the company's overall results. Engage For Success surveys have shown, for example, that companies with a high degree of engagement often report lower turnover, higher customer satisfaction and better profitability than their competitors who fare worse.

HR teams looking to improve engagement often use employee surveys to find out what drives dissatisfaction. It is also common to see that a number of measures are introduced to improve communication, support career development or give employees more influence. But one area that companies often overlook is how automated HR systems can help increase engagement.

It may sound counter-intuitive, and the human element is of course important in any effort to increase engagement, but technology can have a significant impact at important stages in the employee life cycle.

1. Recruitment

The employee's perception of the business already starts at the very first contact in the recruitment phase. First impressions count, and potential new hires will begin to form a perception of what it will be like to work for an employer, based on how easy the recruitment process is and how they are treated as candidates. Recruiting software can do a lot to streamline the hiring process by ensuring that applicants receive good communication throughout the process, and that they are notified of interviews and evaluations in good time and receive feedback on whether their applications are successful or not. First impressions can be hard to change, so it's important to get it right from the start.

2. Performance management and career development

A good performance management process plays an important role in employee engagement. It is an opportunity for line managers to get to know better what motivates employees, what they struggle with and what support or training they need. If employees feel that they are being listened to and that their career aspirations are taken into account, they are much more likely to remain enthusiastic and productive at work. Unfortunately, performance management is often de-prioritized or treated as a tick-box exercise by hard-pressed managers. Performance management software helps emphasize the importance of regular employee interviews, by giving managers a nudge when it's time for interviews, by providing templates that can be used in the interviews, and by providing a central place where discussions and actions can be recorded and easily accessible, also in terms of future development and career opportunities.

3. Back to work

Returning to work after maternity leave, extended sick leave or a sabbatical can be a confusing and anxious time for employees. They may be concerned that their skills are out of date, that people and processes have changed, and that it will be difficult to settle in again. A centralized HR system can help ease the transition by making important policies and documents easily accessible and providing a central point for information on everything from IT support to employee assistance programs. Some HR systems also have internal portals where employees can get in touch with others, find out which projects they can participate in, or get quick answers to questions.

4. Transfer and promotion

Moving to a new regional or overseas base, or transitioning to telecommuting, can also be confusing and unsettling for employees. You have to learn new processes, get in touch with new colleagues - or, if you work on another base, you have to readjust to keep up to date and communicate with your colleagues. A good HR system can help employees gain access to key information, and self-service functionality makes it easy for them to manage their own data and handle personal administration, such as holiday and sick leave logging, wherever they are.

In the quest to boost employee engagement, harnessing the power of HR technology is indispensable. From recruitment to career development and beyond, automated systems like IceHrm streamline processes and foster a positive employee experience. By leveraging digital tools effectively, organizations can cultivate a more engaged and productive workforce.

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