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Understanding the Advantages of HRIS for Your Organization

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Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are platforms that support companies in managing their human resources functions. These systems are not known outside the HR area. Business owners usually do not hear about these platforms until their HR managers request approval to purchase these systems.

If your HR manager wants an HRIS, should you invest? There are many advantages to using an HRIS.

Here are some of the benefits that companies can enjoy once they start using HR information systems:

Access to up-to-date data

One of the main advantages of HR information systems is that all your current HR information is stored in one platform, which enables a streamlined HR process. When employee information changes, it only needs to be entered once to overwrite the outdated information. If your HR employees currently use spreadsheets, they need to enter the same information into several different sheets to update employee files.

If information needs to be entered in multiple places, there is a risk that some sheets will be missed. This means that some of your HR spreadsheets may contain outdated employee data. Outdated data can cause problems in many areas of the HR department.

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Increased productivity

If you did not have a large workforce, it was easier for your HR staff to manage the department with spreadsheets. As companies grow and hire more employees, these manual processes become very inefficient. Your HR staff may spend a large portion of their time entering data or searching for information.

HR information systems enable small businesses to simplify HR processes. Tasks such as employee induction, vacation management and benefit administration can be completed more quickly. As a result, your HR staff can get more done during their working day.

Reduced costs

Increasing productivity not only makes the work of your HR staff easier, but can also save your company money. When departments are inefficient, they need more people to do their jobs. Efficient departments can do more work with fewer employees.

This can gradually pay off as your business grows. If your HR department continues to use inefficient processes, you will need to hire many more HR people to keep up with your growing business. If you use an HR information system, the same number of HR employees can meet the needs of a growing workforce.

Improved Compliance

Companies must comply with a large number of personnel regulations. There are rules for the recruitment, selection and hiring of employees. There are regulations for wages, vacation times, public holidays, overtime and working hours. If it hasn't been hard enough to keep track of all this, companies must also comply with regulations on terminations, layoffs and layoffs, benefits and pensions, vacation and more.

Now that your company has grown, it's very difficult for your HR staff to keep track of all these compliance issues. You need to ensure that the company follows the rules for every single employee in the organization. With an HRIS, it's easier to monitor compliance. HR employees have to enter the applicable regulations, and then the platform helps them monitor compliance.

Reduced potential liability

If your company does not comply with labor laws, this could have serious consequences. Small violations of labor laws, even if not committed maliciously, can have major consequences for companies. Your company could be fined or even sued for the violation. If you use an HRIS, you are less likely to get into these kinds of situations.

Liability can also occur if you offer coverage based on employees' salaries, such as life insurance. For example, if an employee receives a salary increase but the insurance company is not informed, the employee does not have as much insurance coverage as he should. If this employee dies before the salary is updated, his family could sue your company. If you choose an HRIS with connectivity, the insurance carrier will automatically be notified of this type of change.

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