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Tips for Effective Leadership of Your Team

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The role of a manager is not always easy. While at the beginning of your career you were probably only responsible for your work alone, it is now your job to inspire, lead and motivate your team to achieve a number of goals for the organization.

Easier said than done right?

It won't be easy for everyone to work with, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly can often prove to be a challenge.

So how can you be a great manager who shows authority and leadership while maintaining the respect of your colleagues?

Here are some of our key tips for effective management:

Maintain good communication

Employees want to be kept informed about ongoing projects, goals and deadlines, so it is important that you communicate well with them and keep them informed about what is happening in the organization. It is also important that you encourage feedback and that your employees feel that they can approach you with any questions or issues they want to address, so it is important that you make yourself accessible to your employees.

Build positive working relationships

It is important to get to know the members of your team individually, not only on a professional but also on a personal level. If you take the trouble to find out a little more about how your colleagues are doing and what interests them, a much better relationship will develop between the team members.

Recognize good work

Don't be one of those bosses who only gives feedback when you have something to criticize! Giving your employees positive feedback will help to strengthen their trust and encourage them to become more involved in the future. It is therefore crucial that you recognize their achievements and efforts. Encourage creativity and make sure that everyone is aware of what is expected of them.

Be realistic

Your team does not expect you to be superhuman. So if you feel the pressure and need a helping hand, don't be afraid to admit it, and if you make a mistake, admit it! If you show your human side and allow your employees to get to know you a little better, your team will feel more relaxed and comfortable as they approach you.

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Be determined

A good leader must be able to assert authority and make important decisions for the team. In a leadership role there is no room for ambiguity, so it is crucial that you stick to your guns and do what you think is best for the company.

Delegate tasks to the right people

Part of the reason why it is so important that you build a relationship with your team and get to know them individually is that you can assess their strengths. People perform better and get more involved in roles where they feel they are using their best skills, so delegating the right functions that suit everyone will have a significant impact on team productivity.

Managing Conflicts

If there is a conflict in the workplace, it should not be ignored. Turning a blind eye can lead to a negative atmosphere that can affect staff productivity, and team communication can suffer. When a problem arises, it is crucial that it is addressed immediately before it builds up.

Lead by example

Your employees will expect guidance and inspiration from you, so it is important that you lead by example to gain their respect. If you expect them to behave professionally and be committed to their work, it is important that you do this yourself. Make sure that you do your job, develop your career and support your team.

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