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How to Lead a Team?

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Being the team leader can be extremely intimidating, and if you have no prior experience, things can quickly become too much to handle. Let's get going.

1.Strengthening your team leadership abilities

Typically, when we think about leadership, we picture pie charts, typing noises, and a little nicer workplace. Everything here is great, but have you noticed a gap in the picture? Yes, real leadership abilities.

While at work, we hardly ever consider our leadership abilities. Even after we become team leaders, we have a propensity to continue doing what has previously worked. This is not only at best ineffective, but it also prevents us from actually progressing.

Instead of relying on tried-and-true coping techniques, spread your wings by

  • A program for business mentoring
  • Internal resources or documents
  • A discussion with your direct manager

2.Specifying leadership positions

You can adjust to your new job more quickly the more clearly you understand your leadership responsibilities.

Think about it:

  • What is the name of my formal job?
  • What do the other members of my team anticipate from me?
  • What actions did the preceding boss in my position take?

Remember that another crucial aspect of this is time. The more time you spend in it, the more clear-cut your function will become.

3.Talk to team members

In especially if you were promoted from among their ranks, speaking with employees may first feel a little weird.

But as practice makes perfect, the following strategies will work the best:

  • The Golden Rule is the best: Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • To emphasize continuing collaboration, use words like "we" instead than "I."
  • Communicate as often as you can, in a clear and straightforward manner.

Don't forget to be human. We assure you that your staff will be extremely grateful.

4.Listen to employees

Don't forget to listen to employees in the midst of all this talking and chit-chatting. One of the most fundamental things you can do for creating strong, long-lasting connections with workers is listening to them.

Establish open channels of communication to maintain high employee satisfaction. Make sure to be clear with your staff about what they may anticipate from you, and don't forget to practice active listening. Now is an excellent moment to implement an open door policy, if you don't currently have one.

5.Dedicated performance evaluations

The dreaded performance evaluation, ah! So uncomfortable, yet so vital.

You will be in responsible of giving out routine reviews on a quarterly, annual, or biannual basis as a team leader. However, that does not imply they must be monotonous.


  • Establishing objectives that team members truly desire to achieve
  • Establishing a route of ongoing input that isn't impersonal or compartmentalized
  • Establishing succession planning and identifying future high performers

As a more recent leader, software like IceHrm is a wonderful place to start with this.

6.Recognize your employees

Everyone enjoys receiving compliments. It will be your responsibility as a manager to appreciate, support, and acknowledge each member of your team. Every time!

But this goes beyond simply mailing greeting cards. This implies:

  • Thanking people in public for their efforts and successes
  • Promoting a grateful culture that all people may see and feel
  • Providing tangible prizes as a means to express gratitude

Tips by IceHrm, a promising digital HR platform.

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