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How to Create a User Data Importer

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Using IceHrm latest features now you can automate the process of creating users. You can do this by creating a data importer.

Login as Admin and Navigate to System -> Data Importers

Create a new Data Importer named "User Data Importer" and Data Type should be "UserDataImporter"

Each importer should have one ID column. For this one ID column should be UserName. Here is how you can add this unique id column.

Click on the Add button in front of the Columns option. You need to add a column to each of these fields in order to create a user account.

  1. User Name
  2. Email
  3. User Level
  4. Employee

Let's start with the first column, User Name.

Note that the value "is ID field" is Yes. Sample Value should be a value shown in the sample download. For this column, you can set the sample value as user1.

Under the Help Text enter a small description about the column.

Second Column is Email column.

Note that the value "is ID field" is No. Sample Value can be a example email address.

Third column is User Level column.

Note that the value "is ID field" is No. Sample Value can be one of the User Levels.

Fourth Column is the name of the Employee.

Note the Type of the column should be Reference.

Then Select Employee to the Depends On option and employee_id as the Depends on Field.

When you create your csv file, under the employee column, you need to enter the employee_id data so the IceHrm find the matching employee and update the user.

Now you can create the CSV file to import User Data. In the CSV file, there should be four columns defined for username, email, user_level and employee. As mentioned above the employee column should hold the employee_id of each employee.

Download the sample file already created  for this step from here. Download it as a csv file when you import it to IceHrm.

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