How to celebrate pride in your workplace

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June is Pride Month, making it the ideal moment to discuss workplace inclusivity. To begin, there's cause to rejoice: during the last decade, businesses have made considerable progress in embracing diversity in the workplace, expanding representation, and implementing equal HR policies and perks for LGBTQ employees.

Now for the harsh reality: many LGBTQ workers do not feel completely included in the workplace.

Here are some ideas on how HR can foster more inclusive workplace cultures and encourage employees to be themselves.

Organize a charity fundraiser

Putting your money where your mouth is is one of the finest ways to celebrate and support the Pride project. Though changing your brand's social media emblem to a rainbow flag is a public statement, it should be accompanied by true action, otherwise it will be seen as performative.

Organizing a charity fundraiser for LGBTQ+ charities can bring your employees together for a shared cause while also allowing you to contribute back to such essential organizations. If your firm is unable to make a financial investment, try donating your time and increasing awareness through volunteer opportunities.

Normalize pronoun use throughout your company

The easiest method to make someone feel at ease is to show that you have a welcoming environment in general. Asking all employees to add their pronouns to their email signature, Linkedin page, or corporate profile might help non-binary employees feel more comfortable disclosing their pronouns and gender identity. Ask everyone to go around the room and state their pronouns when making introductions at the start of a meeting. Instead of assuming you can tell someone's pronouns just by looking at them, ask them how they identify.

Examine your IT stack, too, to check if it's adaptable and inclusive. If you're asking an employee to check a gender box, make sure it has more than just male, female, and other alternatives.

Change your Zoom background

We're all on Zoom, whether we like it or not. So take use of your surroundings!
Provide your staff with suggestions and tools on how to update workplace social media images with Pride frames or filters. (However, as always, respect your workers' work-life balance; never force them to use work-related social media.)

Measure inclusion through surveys

HR departments are well-versed in gathering statistics on a variety of topics, including productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction—as well as, of course, inclusion. HR might send out employee questionnaires asking them to review the company's performance as well as their managers' attempts to be inclusive. Creating an inclusive culture begins at the top, but managers play a critical role. They have the most direct contact with workers and so set the tone for team conduct. They are also in the greatest position to intervene if toxic behavior is discovered. HR should also educate managers on how to promote inclusiveness and the many intervention strategies available. As with any survey, be open and honest with your staff about the results and any remedies.

Decorate your office

Finally, why not make your workspace more appealing? Rainbow flags and banners will not only commemorate LGBQ+ Pride Month, but will also boost staff morale and demonstrate support for equality. Your LGBTQ+ workers will feel represented with such a visible sign of your support.

A company must provide a comfortable environment for employees to be candid about their identities.

It can be difficult, demeaning, and stifling to hide one's gender identity or sexual orientation. We must eliminate fear and replace it with freedom in order for all employees to be healthy, happy, and productive. Make your company a place where everyone is welcome to come as they are, and appreciate your workers' differences. Give your staff the support and encouragement they need to raise their flags high and proudly.

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