How Can Job Seekers Make Recruiters Want to Hire Them?

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It makes sense to concentrate on how you promote yourself and come across to potential employers in such a competitive employment market. There are numerous options available to you in this regard, but we've come up with five that should be simple enough for you to execute. If you follow the advice below, you should be well on your way to becoming a more appealing job prospect, and you could even obtain that dream job

1.Make your personal brand a priority.

A strong personal brand is always a plus in a job hunt, and it's required for some positions. Recruiters are looking for individuals that have a professional online presence. While most job seekers are aware of the importance of optimizing their LinkedIn profile for their search, recruiters may be hesitant to submit such prospects to their clients if their other social media accounts are cluttered with self-indulgent photographs or unpleasant or offensive comments. Similarly, it may be a turn-off for employers who believe that such online activity demonstrates immaturity or irresponsibility and is inconsistent with their beliefs.

2.Demonstrate extra skills.

Going above and beyond a job description is usually a plus, so start thinking about what other abilities you can bring to the table. Whether it's a complete and clean driver's license or an additional qualification, make sure these are noted on your CV and, when applicable, properly expressed in your cover letter.

3.Stay Up to Date.

Few things irritate a recruiter more than an interested applicant who hasn't updated his or her contact information. Recruiters will either take time out of their busy schedules to get the candidate's contact information online or move on to the next qualified people, depending on whether there are enough suitable prospects to pick from. Passive applicants with in-demand skill sets may be unconcerned about missing out on an opportunity or adding to recruiters' workload. Job searchers with a higher sense of urgency, on the other hand, should make sure their contact information is up to date and that they are immediately approachable and quick to react.

4.Continue Learning.

A track record of continual learning is one definite approach for job searchers to endear themselves to recruiters and potential employers. Most businesses want to recruit applicants who are continually looking to learn new things, in addition to those who have the necessary education, abilities, and experience. For individuals who are currently engaged in a challenging area, this may be more difficult. However, for job searchers looking for a way to break up the monotony of a full-time search, taking a class or working toward a certification might help them stand out among a crowded field of eligible applicants.

5.Be respectful.

Finally, when looking for work, you should always conduct yourself in a professional and respectable manner. Being excessively aggressive, lethargic, or unpleasant might turn people off and make it difficult for you to secure an interview or a job offer. While following up on how your interview went and such is appropriate, remember to strike a balance between obtaining feedback and being pushy - it's a narrow line you don't want to cross. Also, when attending an interview, bear in mind clothing rules and punctuality, since these are simple boxes to check.

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