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Diverse Hiring Advantages: 7 AI Benefits

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In a 2020 study by McKinsey, four out of ten respondents said they had ever rejected a job offer or decided against continuing to work at a company because of a lack of integration. And research shows that companies with a diverse workforce are more profitable. So people expect companies to be more inclusive and diverse when it comes to hiring.

However, promoting diversity in the workplace remains a major challenge for many companies. Fortunately, using AI in recruiting can help reduce the likelihood of unconscious bias. And this is what prevents diverse candidates from being hired.

In this article, we'll share 7 ways AI can improve diversity in your hiring process.

1.Minimizes unconscious bias in screening to promote diversity in hiring

Anyone can have unconscious biases, including your hiring team. Let's take an example: A hiring manager named Joseph is looking at resumes for backend engineering positions. Without realizing it, he prefers applicants from his old school and those who have already worked at large technology companies. So this happens without Joseph being aware of it.

Sometimes unfair biases can creep into the hiring process. And that can affect resume review. As a result, good applicants may be overlooked by smaller schools or companies. This limits the selection of people eligible for the position.

How can AI help?

AI screening tools help hiring managers reduce human bias. These systems help you look past personal details such as applicants’ gender, age, or education. These tools evaluate candidates based on data and focus on their skills and qualifications. This fair approach helps select the right person for the job based on their skills.

2.Sourcing candidates from underrepresented groups to increase diversity in hiring

It is very important to encourage people from different backgrounds to apply for a position in your company. Sometimes not many underrepresented candidates apply because they don't see the job postings. To change this, you need to display the ads so that everyone can see them. This allows more people from different backgrounds to apply.

Traditional hiring processes usually look at the well-known networks, but these networks often don't have applicants from diverse backgrounds.

How can AI help?

AI recruiting tools can ensure you find a diverse group of job seekers. These systems look in places that are sometimes overlooked. So you search through many data sources such as personal and company websites, social networks and special job boards. By reviewing these sources, AI can help you find a wide range of applicants for your jobs.

You can also program the AI system to search for the type of applicants you are looking for. For example, if you want to reach more female applicants, you can program the system to look for female applicants.

3.Eliminate biased language in job descriptions to promote diversity in hiring

When writing a job description, it's important to use words that are inclusive. Some words can unsettle or even intimidate applicants. Clear and inviting language helps candidates feel more confident when applying for the job.

Words like “fast-paced” and “energetic” may lead older workers to think the job is more for younger people. So even if you try to be careful, the language you use could reveal bias without you intending it. This will discourage certain applicants from applying for your position.

How can AI help?

AI-powered text analysis tools can help create job descriptions. These tools can change words in job advertisements to be neutral and avoid gender bias. They find and replace words that indicate gender so that the descriptions are fair for everyone.

Additionally, the tools can help you check for other unconscious biases in your job descriptions, such as: Age, race, disability, affinity bias, sexuality, religion and biased job titles.

There are various AI-powered text analytics platforms that can help you write inclusive job descriptions. IceHrm's Text Analyzer, for example, helps employers detect and check unconscious bias in job descriptions at scale.

Because inclusive job descriptions can help you hire diverse, top talent, it's important to eliminate biased language. IceHrm's technology checks your job descriptions for biases like ageism, racism, anti-disability, gender, and more.

4.Improve inclusivity and accessibility to promote diversity in hiring

People with special needs often find it difficult to apply for jobs. The way things are arranged does not include everyone. This means companies may not see talented applicants with special needs.

How can AI help?

AI can improve the inclusion of candidates with special needs in the hiring process by

  • Creating a barrier-free application process: AI can make things easier for employees with special needs. You can e.g. Offer sign language interpreters, collaborate with screen readers, and describe images with alt text for those who can't see them.
  • Integration with assistive technology: AI can work with helpful tools such as speech recognition software and apps that convert text to speech. These tools support applicants with disabilities and make the hiring process more accessible.
  • Alternative assessment tools: AI technology can provide new ways to assess applicants with disabilities or special needs.
    By prioritizing inclusion, your company ensures that all employees feel included.

5.Conduct a fair, structured interview for more diversity in hiring

Interviews are prone to bias, which affects the outcome of the process. This is often the case in unstructured interviews where questions are asked inconsistently. For example, in a 2018 LinkedIn survey, 42% of respondents agreed that interviewer bias is a reason for interview failure.

How can AI help?

AI can help conduct structured interviews where all applicants are asked the same questions. For example, an AI hiring platform can provide you with a standard list of questions to ask your candidates.

Additionally, AI algorithms evaluate interview responses fairly and without personal bias. You focus on what you say rather than how you say it, making the process more objective.

AI can also create guidelines to evaluate applicants’ answers. It can even identify biases during live interviews and provide immediate feedback to hiring managers. This helps HR managers make fair decisions and avoid bias.

6.Monitoring and reporting on diversity analysis

Companies need to track their diversity data to see where they can improve. But that can be difficult. Luckily, AI tools can sift through a variety of workforce data and show you why you might not be getting diverse applicants.

How can AI help?

AI systems can offer you:

  • Updated DEI dashboards

Real-time DEI dashboard displays your diversity metrics throughout the hiring process. The dashboards can show you how diverse your settings are. And they can also show you how diverse your applicant pool is. You can use these tools to identify gaps so you can achieve greater equity and inclusion.

  • Collection of demographic data

AI tools can also collect data from applicants fairly. Candidates may share this information willingly. And it helps your company see how many different candidates you've hired.

This will help you figure out where the bias is coming from and eliminate it. For example, the data might show that your job advertisements favor men and therefore you don't hire many women.

7.Promotes skills and competency based assessments

In traditional hiring, the assessment of applicants can be influenced by hidden biases. However, AI platforms use technology to evaluate applicants based on their skills and qualifications related to the job. This is a more objective way to find the right person for the job.

This process eliminates any kind of human bias. In addition, these tools are also designed to assess applicants’ cultural and behavioral fit.

Elevate diversity in hiring with AI-driven solutions like IceHrm. From unbiased screening to inclusive assessments, revolutionize your recruitment process.

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