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Advantages of a Mobile Attendance Management System

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In search of more income and thus sustainability, companies often tend to look outwards rather than inwards. Adaptation to modern technology has not only proven itself in time management but also has the ability to change well-being at the workplace. According to a survey, 20% of small businesses will invest this year in tools to improve the productivity of their employees. 57% of companies plan to buy new large HR software in the next 18 months.

Today, the dynamics of the workforce are constantly changing and companies need to adapt quickly to these changes. Managing time, costs and productivity can be overwhelming for employers when it comes to the multicultural and cross-location workforce, type of work, travel, homework opportunities, shifts, flexible working hours, overtime, paid holidays, policies, etc.

Most companies have already begun to benefit from the automated wave of wages and salaries. According to an American Payroll Association survey, 65% of the companies surveyed said they were using an automated system for time entry or switching to an automated system.

Accurate tracking of employee time is an essential task for today’s companies. Without monitoring the exact time of the strike force, employee companies could lose money. But by using this mobile attendance management system, companies can streamline the process of tracking employee time, reduce employee time theft and free up HR management to focus on other tasks.

With the invention of the mobile application, managing the presence of remote field workers is not a big problem for companies, most of whose sales and service teams work in the field. With the IceHrm mobile attendance software, the human resources manager can monitor the arrival and departure punches of employees and check if they start their day at the customer’s scheduled time.

To get confirmation if they give the entry and presence of exit control from the customer’s site, the latest improvement we have made in our time tracking software is the inclusion of a mobile application function where an employee can take their current location and give their presence by clicking Check-In / Check out. This site-specific traffic data will be transferred to the web application with the site photo.

Why are companies prepared to leave manual/overdue presence processes? Consider these 10 benefits to make the change:

1. Accuracy

Man is susceptible to errors, even if we provide him with supporting computing aids. Automated attendance management systems ensure accurate time recording and minimize unavoidable and costly errors through manual data entry. This accurate data helps provide accurate performance and payroll data.

2. Economy

Have you ever thought that attendance management systems can control costs? It saves money by eliminating inaccurate time tracking, buddy punching, absence, delay, time abuse, and overpayment. In fact, an Axsium Group study found that large organizations can save up to $1,600 per employee by implementing automated attendance management systems.

3. Productivity / Efficiency

Monitoring and manually managing attendance can be time-consuming, tedious and costly. It takes time to process paper sheets and time sheets, creates schedules, approves leave and overtime, and manually create payroll. With an automated system that takes care of everything from tracking employees’ working hours to automatically importing information into your payroll system, you gain valuable administrative time. The time and effort saved, combined with the accuracy of the data, optimizes the use of resources, resulting in higher productivity and improved profits.

4. Visibility / Perspectives

Do you need a quick overview of all planned and unplanned absences of an employee or a group? With just a few clicks, you can generate accurate reports on working hours, absences, overtime and overtime and receive a monthly summary report for all groups and data in the company. Any custom report can be created with centralized data, improving visibility and transparency within the organization. Managers can also use the graphical views of the report to quickly and easily understand attendance data. With a centralized and accurate attendance data center, employers can strategically analyze and improve policies on leave, hours of work, work culture, performance, compensation, etc. so they can evolve in their way of working.

5. Workflow management without effort

An integrated attendance management system can provide a good overview of all data and facilitate the payroll, vacation, and performance appraisal workflow. Notifications and alerts are automated and the manager can immediately approve requests for early departure, overtime, etc. without the need for special communication. Forget the Herculean task of manual planning. With just a few clicks, an automated attendance management system allows you to manage schedules, assign work, and easily track team changes. It can also help you forecast workloads, resources, and budgets.

6. Flexibility

In today’s global and networked environment, your employees work in offices, homes and remote locations. A presence management system allows companies to easily track employee time with a variety of pointer options including smartphones, Internet networks, scanning technologies, biometric terminals or desktop readers.

7. Integration / configuration

You can choose attendance management systems that are tailored to your needs, based on the type of work and the guidelines. There are systems that can be integrated with any third-party Presence Management hardware (scanning, biometrics) and enable GPS-based presence tracking with mobile applications. You can create individual attendance policies based on your organization’s needs using time recording systems. You can configure each attendance team individually, with options for defining attendance cycles, marking and leaving rules, vacation deductions, and optional vacation.

8. Real-time monitoring

Cloud presence management enables real-time tracking and provides automated data for payroll processing. This enables alternative payment plans to be managed and all information to be made available in real time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust working hours and control employee activity in real-time.

9. Safety and Security

Most presence management systems are based on highly secure systems and architectures. In particular, biometric systems are very reliable and secure and can help prevent time theft, buddy punching and administrative costs due to the loss of PINs and ID cards. These systems are particularly useful for companies where security is a major concern.

10. Conformity

Inaccurate records can cost your company a lot of money in overtime and can also violate labor laws, resulting in high legal fees and fines. The regulations require employers to monitor attendance and pay employees fairly for overtime. An attendance management system that can be integrated into your payroll simplifies this process and makes it transparent.

With these significant benefits in mind, do you now want to choose a complete attendance management system that can make processes easy and provides an integrated system that is seamless for your business? There are countless cloud personnel products on the market today to meet the diverse needs of small and medium businesses. So, what are you waiting for?

Looking for an automated attendance management system, we suggest you IceHrm which is one of the best HRIS systems which has so many HR functions automated into one system.

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