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6 Ways to Streamline Time-Consuming Tasks and Boost Productivity

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Time is a precious commodity. Employee teams know this better than anyone because they often have to complete a lot of work in a short period of time. When they don't have the time to focus on their employees, turnover increases, engagement decreases, and recruiting slows.

As our latest HR study shows, 55% of hiring managers believe they spend too much time on administrative tasks, which prevents them from investing time in more strategic tasks and projects - those that drive engagement and retention and ultimately also promote sales.

Automation software can help here by digitalizing processes so that they almost run by themselves! Need some examples? Here are 6 time-consuming tasks that HR teams could easily remove from their desks.

1. Growing productivity and culture

In every company there are important events almost every day. Birthdays, performance reviews, expiring contracts and so much more!

This is why reminders are one of the most commonly used types of automation - because they can be set individually or by default for a variety of purposes.

Without automation reminders, sometimes these updates don't happen at all. And missing an important event (even a personal one, like a birthday) can negatively impact workplace engagement - and ultimately productivity.

2. Documenting sick days becomes child's play

Tracking down sick notes isn't exactly one of the HR teams' favorite tasks. But in many cases it is an absolute necessity to navigate the difficult world of sick leave.

We already know that tracking absences and all types of leave is easy to do with the help of automation.

3. Changing contracts with ready-made templates

We have already talked about the role automation plays in the creation and signing of contracts. However, it is important to prepare for changes. Whether it's a small customization or a thorough review, our pre-built templates make the process easy and efficient. With minimal time and effort, you can ensure your contracts are up to date and easily adaptable to changing situations.

4. Accelerate recruiting and onboarding

One of the most time-consuming HR tasks is recruiting and onboarding. After all, documents need to be signed, access to tools granted, colleagues informed and much more.

With all that needs to be prepared for an employee's first day of work (and before), there are a lot of boxes to check and not enough time in the day.

Many tasks within the recruiting and onboarding process can be automated. For example, publishing job advertisements on multiple pages at the same time with just one click, automatically collecting candidate feedback after an interview, digitally signing contracts or distributing onboarding tasks to relevant stakeholders at the touch of a button.

To save even more time, take a closer look at the role of automation in recruiting and onboarding.

5. Offboarding departing employees

Regardless of whether an employee resigns or is laid off, there are often a number of tasks that an HR team must complete immediately.

So not only is time spent making sure everything gets done - even more time is needed to make sure it's done right. This way, sensitive information within an organization remains private.

Automated processes can do everything.

6. Seamless performance cycles

Did you know that 54% of HR professionals believe performance review processes are no longer fit for purpose in the new world of work? The majority of HR managers and employees agree: the performance processes deserve to be upgraded.

Therein lies the beauty of automated performance cycles. Once a cycle is started, countless tasks are automated to ensure employees and managers alike can focus on providing valuable feedback - not paperwork.

In the quest to maximize productivity and streamline HR tasks, IceHrm emerges as the key ally. With its comprehensive automation solutions, IceHrm empowers teams to reclaim time, enhance engagement, and elevate strategic pursuits, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

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