3 Ways to Automate Recruitment and Popular Recruitment Software tools

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The growing need for tools to automate recruitment is fueling the recent popularity of artificial intelligence in recruitment. Recruitment is expected to increase next year, but the number of recruitment teams will remain the same or decrease, and interest in the automation of recruitment will only increase.

In 2017, the search for the best talent will depend on the recruiter’s ability to intelligently automate the workflow.

Recruitment teams are also under increasing pressure to demonstrate key performance indicators based on available data. Talent managers are increasingly evaluating their recruitment teams based on the quality of hiring and the time needed to cover it.

Technological advances have transformed the finance, sales and marketing departments, and industry experts believe that recruitment techniques will be the next big thing to be adopted.

By streamlining some aspects of the recruiting workflow, experts predict that automating recruitment will improve the capabilities of a human recruiter.

Here are three main ways that hiring automation is changing recruiting;

1. Automating Recruitment for Resume Selection

One of the most promising applications of recruitment automation is the selection of resumes for three main reasons.

  • Manual resume selection remains the slowest part of the selection process
  • Up to 88% of curricula received for a position are considered unqualified
  • A recruiter spends an average of 23 hours reviewing resumes for a single recruit

Although the staff selection process remains the biggest bottleneck in recruitment, the technology to address this problem has only recently been made available.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence for recruitment, intelligent filtering software automates the resume filtering process. Designed to integrate with an ATS, the software learns what the job requirements are and then learns how qualified candidates are based on previous hiring decisions.

Using employee performance and retention data, the software calculates which candidates became successful employees and which did not. This type of recruiting software can also enrich resumes by using public data sources on past employers and candidate profiles on social networks. Intelligent selection software applies the knowledge you learned about employees’ experience, skills, and other qualifications to automatically select, rank, and qualify new candidates.

Automation of recruitment applied to resume selection promises to be a big help in reducing hiring time, as it automates a repetitive, low-value task that most recruiters hate to do anyway. Automatic resume selection allows recruiters to redirect their time toward higher value priorities, such as talking to candidates to assess their personality and culture.

2. Automating Recruitment for Pre-Qualification

In today’s marketplace, the candidate’s experience can make or break if a high-level candidate accepts his or her job offer. Automating recruitment in the form of chatbots promises to improve the candidate’s experience.

Automation of recruitment in the form of chatbots enables human recruiters to deliver these consistent updates in real time by asking pre-selection questions related to the job’s needs and providing feedback, updates, and suggestions for the next step. By automating repetitive tasks, such as answering the same questions about a job, chatbots improve a human recruiter’s prequalification skills without spending more time.

3 Automated Interview Recruitment

Automating interview hiring enhances recruiters’ skills by enabling them to conduct interviews anytime, anywhere. Digitized interview technology records candidates’ interviews and evaluates factors such as their choice of words, speech patterns and facial expressions to predict how well a candidate fits the role.

Automating interview recruitment promises to improve the quality of recruitment by providing additional data points about the candidate’s suitability for the job or corporate culture.

The Benefits of Automating Recruitment

Industry experts believe that automating procurement will increase and improve the skills of recruiters rather than completely replace them.

Recruitment automation changes employee hiring in three main ways:

  1. Automatic CV filtering reduces hiring time by eliminating the need for recruiters to read CVs manually.
  2. Automated pre-qualification via chatbots that improves the candidate’s experience through continuous feedback in real time.
  3. Automated interviews that improve suitability for the job by analyzing candidates’ words, speech patterns, and facial expressions.

As the introduction of recruitment automation continues to grow, the role of recruiters will change.

Industry experts predict that by shortening recruitment time and improving the quality of recruitment, the technology will enable recruiters to become more strategic by freeing time for proactive recruitment and workplace design.

Ironically, recruitment automation will enable recruiters to become more “human” as their ability to attract and persuade candidates becomes increasingly important in the competition for talent.

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