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10 Key Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based HR Software Solutions

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There has been a paradigm shift in human resource technology. Many organizations have realized that legacy HR software is not the best option and have begun to run toward cloud-based HR software solutions. But even today, some organizations are hesitant to move away from their archaic software. To understand their hesitation, we need to look back at the evolution of HR technology.

HR is a department with many processes, and HR leaders get tired of jumping between multiple interfaces and tools to manage their processes. All-in-one HR management came as a virtue to exhausted HR people. These products promised unparalleled convenience, increased efficiency and energetic productivity. So HR leaders came like moths to pack the legacy HR tools.

Little did they know that those promises were far from reality. Yes, unified HR software addresses some existing problem areas. But it also triggered a lot of new problems. One look at the current state of things left HR leaders with a heavy heart. Why? They realized that there is no way to solve all HR management problems with old-fashioned HR software.

It's time to move away from legacy HR software

HR staff spend a lot of time running manual errands to fix the process gaps created by an HRMS. Everything from the agility, visibility and overall efficiency of an organization goes out the window.

An on-premises HR solution:
  • It requires a huge initial investment
  • It has a long application cycle
  • It's complex to navigate
  • Lacks integration capabilities
  • Increases data redundancy
  • Decreases staff productivity and efficiency
  • Increases the possibility of errors

Therefore, instead of relying on legacy HR software to address all their problems, HR leaders should try to solve them one by one by leveraging the power of cloud technology. To overcome the limitations of a rigid HRMS, companies need to move toward the SaaS alternative: customizable HR software.

10 Benefits of Using Cloud HR Software Solutions

Using cloud-based HR software, organizations can eliminate inefficiencies from their existing HR processes and streamline them from start to finish. SaaS HR solutions enable HR staff to automate, streamline, and integrate necessary HR services quickly at a significantly lower cost.

Cost effective

The greatest benefit of a cloud-based HR solution is its cost-saving capability. SaaS HR solutions do not require a large initial investment or high maintenance fees. Organizations are free to choose a subscription plan that meets their needs and the pay-per-use pricing model keeps costs to a minimum.

The lack of investment in IT gives organizations the freedom to withdraw at will. Therefore, organizations of all sizes and types can use cloud-based HR software to streamline their processes, while keeping capital and operational overheads to a minimum.

Saving Time

Unlike on-premise software, cloud-based HR software solutions are ready-to-use. The platforms are already designed, configured and hosted in the cloud by service providers: organizations just need to subscribe to their services, log in, select the modules, customize them and start using them.

This instant installation and rapid deployment of the modules reduces the time-to-market for substantially legacy systems that take a few months to get started - the cloud only takes days.

Centralized documentation

Cloud-based HR software allows organizations to access functions and files stored in an HR management system without the need to store data in bulk on paper or in stand-alone systems. All confidential employee-related information is stored in a centralized cloud database that allows employees to access it from anywhere at any time on any device.

Human resources staff don't have to change interfaces or search for paper files. In addition, the cloud software eliminates paperwork, data redundancy and human error, paving the way for an efficient and environmentally friendly human resource management process.


When it comes to SaaS HR solutions, the greatest concern of organizations is security. Their concern with storing confidential data and files of remote employees is valid. How do we know that the data is safe and visible only to authorized personnel? What prevents hackers from stealing everything?

Role-based access and data encryption ensure that confidential documents are restricted to everyone except the employees who are granted access to view or edit them.


Cloud-based HR software provides a more consistent and reliable experience than on-premise HR software systems. Most service providers offer service level agreements that are backed by the promise of 99.99% uptime. The SLA ensures the timely and guaranteed delivery of HR services. The connection is always up and running as long as users have access to the Internet.


Most cloud-based HR software solutions come with a built-in reporting module that gives a bird's eye view of stored data. Because the information is stored in the cloud, it is easy to track, monitor and analyze trends using customizable reports. These visual reports provide valuable nuggets of actionable information that aid in decision making, strategic HR planning and more.


Legacy software requires attention to software maintenance and data storage, leaving HR staff with little time to focus on achieving business goals. Cloud-based HR software systems, on the other hand, pass on the stress of hosting and managing the infrastructure/data to a third party, leaving the internal IT team and HR staff free of stress.

Integration capabilities

On-site HR software is a disconnected piece of code that is different from the rest of your HR tools. Today, most SaaS platforms have open APIs to integrate with other applications. This seamless integration capability of cloud-based HR solutions eliminates data silos, reduces redundancy, and allows organizations to access all necessary data in a unified portal.


Cloud-based HR software offers organizations the ability to meet business demands quickly without costly software or hardware upgrades. Depending on business requirements, organizations can increase or decrease scale. This freedom and the flexible nature of SaaS HR solutions improve the overall efficiency of an organization and its employees.

Ease of use

The liberal use of the cloud offers SaaS hr products a great advantage: ease of use. Their simple but intuitive user interfaces substantially improve the user experience. Thus, everyone in the organization can adapt to HR software in the cloud quickly and easily. Robust infrastructure and 24/7 vendor support allow all employees to focus on core HR business operations.

Move your HR processes to the cloud with IceHrm

This long list of benefits makes SaaS HR software the most sought-after HR technology. Nearly 50% of organizations have at least one major HR process in the cloud. Cloud-based HR software, such as IceHrm, helps organizations deploy a customizable HR software solution that fits their needs without having to worry about developing an entirely new solution.

Moving their HR processes using IceHrm will help organizations reduce the costs associated with implementation, maintenance and training. Its cloud-based nature makes it flexible for organizations to expand with their growing business needs. Pre-defined HR modules that are designed based on industry best practices give you an edge.

Don't just take our word for it, try IceHrm with a free (no obligation) demonstration and see how cloud-based services can change the way you work!

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