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Reinvent Your Employees' Timesheets with the Help of a Web-Based Time Management System

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Monitoring the time of employees is important to build a culture of accountability. But many companies have problems dealing with it properly. Time sheets and punch cards for old-school employees make it very easy to commit time theft, and it costs companies millions of dollars each year.

The only way to improve the existing time tracking process is to use the right time tracking system. An automated, self-sustaining employee time tracking system offers many benefits and eliminates time tracking loopholes like buddy punching. Finally, using a dedicated Time Management System eliminates the many problems associated with employee attendance and increases the productivity of the entire team.

What is a time and attendance system for employees?

An Employee Time Recording System is an automated time recording system that sends time recording requests to managers as soon as an employee submits the Employee Time Recording form for approval. An employee management system tracks the number of hours worked, additional overtime, and funnel time requests to managers, HR, and payroll.

The existing obstacles to effective Time Management

The traditional way to track employee time has been around for a long time, but in today's complex business world, this is an extremely primitive way to manage employee attendance. It is an absolute nightmare for HR professionals to manually process attendance data, and it often leads to increased human error.

Does this mean that a Time Management System for employees is a waste of time and we should get rid of it altogether? Not really. We cannot ignore the enormous role that the time recording system plays in ensuring accountability in the workplace.

Statistics suggest that time theft in America occurs in the order of 54 minutes per person per day. As a result, time theft contributes to wage and salary losses of up to 10 percent in payments for time not spent on work-related activities.

Similarly, a 2017 study suggests that buddy punching is also a widespread epidemic in the US, mainly because jobs have never risen above the norm of using the traditional employee timekeeping system. According to the study, US companies lose an average of 373 million dollars a year through buddy punching. Another study shows that 16 percent of employees covered for missing workers and the most typical buddy punching error is 15 minutes per person.

Some of the biggest problems that the traditional timesheet management system and timesheet software tools continually face are:
  • The process is very time consuming
  • The risk of human error is high
  • It has moral loopholes like beating up friends and stealing time.
  • Processing and data entry is thorough and discouraging
  • Existing time sheet management software is too generic and lacks automation
  • Traditional timesheet management solutions do not integrate well with other platforms

The way to find a modern time sheet system

Is there a proven way to handle employee time sheet management? One that can eliminate the chances of peer pressure, tedious processing, and human error? Software that can prevent employee payroll calculation errors?

While there is no single tool that caters to human resources worldwide, the best way to handle employee attendance tracking involves the use of an automated online time sheet management application. Fortunately, the workflow automation market has many solutions to offer to solve this problem. This automation software can be easily integrated with other solutions and offer a wide range of benefits.

What should I look for in web-based Time Management System?

To choose a tool to automate the employee time sheet process, consider the list below as a hard-nosed factor:

Don't compromise on integration

Choose a solution that is easier to integrate with your payroll platform, employee database system, employee portal, etc.

Also, you don't need dedicated software for the sole purpose of time sheet tracking. Time and attendance is only a subset and relates to the broader aspects of HR. Therefore, you can choose an HR software that treats the Time Management System as an integral part of your overall operations rather than as an isolated issue.

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Aim for the cloud

The cloud-based timesheet software is ready for integration and is accessible to your users anytime, anywhere. Cloud accessibility is a big advantage if your business has employees or teams working from remote locations.

Be Demanding with UI/UX

HR staff are not known to be technology experts, so they need software they can use on their own without bothering IT staff. Look for software that has an easy-to-use interface, drag-and-drop design, customizable features, low or no coding options, etc. Don't just go by what the product says; try it out to see if your HR team is comfortable using it.

Solve Time Management issues using IceHrm

Human resource management is one of the most important processes in any company. When processes such as employee attendance tracking become a liability, HR processes become a burden and can slow down the productivity of the team.

If you're willing to tackle the obstacles of long-term employee time tracking, opt for a comprehensive solution like IceHrm, a cloud-based HR software. It has a plethora of HR modules, from recruiting and on-boarding to performance management and time tracking that can address all your HR concerns.

It comes with a built-in time sheet module that integrates seamlessly with other core HR processes and biometric devices to effectively track employee work hours. Automating processes such as time sheet management and attendance management with the help of IceHrm helps an organization eliminate the manual burden and simplify HR work.

Sign up for a free trial of IceHrm and keep track of your employees' work hours without wasting time.

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