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Why You Should Use a PTO Tracker

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The truth is, businesses already have enough on their plate without the onerous task of tracking employee absences. But without the right way to track who's working and who's not, your business can suffer from scheduling, communication, and management problems.

PTO trackers are the most convenient and efficient way to track employee absences.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in an automated HR approach to PTO:

No more stray notes

More than three-quarters of HR managers are frustrated with managing employee forms. That's not surprising, as 24 percent of forms get lost and 42 percent of files require searching.

Keeping track of employees' various needs, leave entitlements and time-off motivations can be a real headache. Add to that the fact that the method you use to manually manage PTO can vary from case to case. Some of your employees might send paper PTO requests, while others might communicate their leave schedule to you via an email thread. It's nearly impossible to store and compare all of these notes and files in one place without wasting valuable time.

A PTO tracker gives your company a standardized way to manage and track PTO, which means you'll never have to deal with stray notes and non-compliant requests again.

Better scheduling

You don't want to restrict when your employees can take time off (unless you're ready to handle a company-wide revolt). But if you can't track who's where and why, you may have trouble scheduling workloads and projects efficiently. And there's nothing worse than a business blackout.

Keeping your employees' time off data in one place can help you avoid scheduling nightmares. That, in turn, allows you to create business plans faster without making mistakes, while giving your team the freedom to take their PTO whenever they want.

Simplify the process

Investing in HR automation software, such as a PTO tracker, means that the process of requesting and approving time off is significantly shortened. This can benefit both employees and your HR department because:

Employees can book vacation days or call in sick from one portal, as well as access your PTO policies and see how many days they are entitled to.
Bosses or HR managers can view and compare all time off requests, easily approve/deny and plan their roster accordingly.

Be compliant and accountable

Manual entry of paid time off can, in some cases, lead to employees taking advantage of the system. For example, during staff or management changes, employees may deduct more time than they have accrued without anyone having the proper proof to the contrary.

A PTO tracker can keep track of the exact days an employee is entitled to, which means you'll never be taken advantage of. What's more, with an automated solution, you can track sick leave trends across your organization, keeping your team as happy and productive as possible.

To automate or not to automate?

When you weigh the pros and cons of implementing a PTO tracker, the benefits outweigh the cons. The automated solution is fast, user-friendly, and exceedingly less frustrating for your HR department. So why not try a PTO tracker and experience the benefits for yourself?

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