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The Incredible Impact of Effective Onboarding

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Many companies treat recruiting and onboarding like fishing: They cast the bait, hook it, pull it on board, and then... well... they don't care much about the fish's experience afterwards does. Unfortunately, these organizations neglect everything that comes after retrieving the bait, leaving behind a number of benefits as well. Savvy companies have known this for a long time, but our recent onboarding study showed just how impactful effective onboarding can be.

Commitment to the organization

Companies that create an effective onboarding experience have employees who feel more committed to them in several ways:

  • They feel more committed to the company. Effective onboarding helps employees gain the tools and knowledge they need to be productive and happy in their role. This investment in the employee, their experience and their success can lead to them feeling more committed.
  • They feel more connected to their colleagues. Effective onboarding often includes peer-to-peer activities and training. This gives new employees the opportunity to build relationships that make them feel welcome and connected.
  • You feel better integrated into the company culture. The integration of employees into the corporate culture is absolutely crucial. If preserving your culture and values is important to you, all new employees should be familiar with them.

Increased confidence and skills

Employees who experienced effective onboarding felt much more empowered to complete their tasks:

  • They use their services to a greater extent. Onboarding is the perfect opportunity to explain their benefits to employees in detail to ensure they are not leaving any value on the table.
  • They have more confidence in their performance. Effective onboarding programs often include targeted training that empowers employees to work independently.
  • You contribute faster. Effective onboarding is a great way to get a faster return on your hiring investment as employees report being able to contribute in a shorter amount of time.
  • You have more role clarity. Perhaps because they have a better rapport with their managers or have been better trained, employees who have received effective onboarding have a better idea of their role expectations.

Improved employee experience

Employees who receive effective onboarding also report higher levels of employee experience in many areas:

  • They are more satisfied with their work. When you take the time during onboarding to show employees all the wonderful things about your company and their new role, they seem to like their jobs more.
  • They have better engagement rates. It's much easier to stay committed to your work when you feel like you're invested in the company and can do your job well. Onboarding does both.
  • They feel more supported by their company. It's no surprise that employees who feel like their company offers them a great onboarding experience feel more supported. Onboarding is all about supporting employees.

Improved perception of HR and the company

One of the biggest surprises was the correlation between effective onboarding and employees' perceptions of the HR team and the company's performance. Employees who experienced effective onboarding were more likely to say their HR team was very capable and their company was performing well.

Our latest research makes one thing clear: Companies that care about improving employee performance and business results should invest in effective onboarding. To see more results, download our full infographic. If you want to learn more about the study or how to create an effective onboarding program, be sure to check out The New Definitive Guide to Onboarding.

Investing in effective onboarding isn't just about welcoming new hires; it's a strategic move that boosts commitment, skills, employee experience, and overall perception. For a comprehensive onboarding solution, explore IceHrm.

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