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Essential Functions for Time & Attendance Management System

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With the recent initiative of the Singapore government to encourage SMEs to digitize, it is becoming clear that the introduction of automated processes in an organization’s HR department is becoming increasingly important. Time tracking is an area often ignored by companies that focus solely on maximizing external growth and leave their workforce underdeveloped. An outdated system may be difficult to use and may not offer a wide range of features offered by newer systems. The rigidity of a system can have a negative impact on the company’s future growth opportunities and performance. True growth occurs for companies that are run by long-term leaders. While sales are important, business owners must also recognize that creating effective systems that allow HR and other internal teams to work effectively is equally important.

Below you will find 9 functions that you should search for in a time management module;

1. Input and output clock pulse

Let’s start with the most obvious and important feature. It goes without saying that the main objective of a time management module is to make it easy for employees to get on and off and to record their working hours. Options include magnetic card readers, personal identification numbers (PINs) or even bio metric readers that identify employees’ fingerprints.

2. Flexible employee planning

Some companies offer flexible schedules that allow employees to start and finish their day at different times. Others prefer a better organization of the working day with a synchronized work schedule.

A good time management system goes beyond its basic functions of monitoring (or not monitoring) the punctuality of your employees. The software should allow you to create and manage multiple schedules and lists. This function should also have functions to warn you if an employee is late or absent.

3. Absence management

In addition to monitoring the presence of your employees, a competent time management system should help you to manage absences. Even if absences due to illness, vacation or last-minute are unexpected, it should be easy for managers to recognize at a glance who is in the picture, who is not and what overtime and bonuses each person is entitled to.

4. Integration of payroll accounting

Assuming your payroll process has been automated, your time management module should also integrate seamlessly with your payroll; it can provide accurate attendance data for the payroll cycle, allowing you to calculate salaries and other benefits quickly and accurately. Of course, this is only possible if you have an integrated solution.

In the absence of a complete HRMS, data can be lost between time recording and payroll. For example, if the HR administrator does not know that an employee has been dismissed, an incorrect final payment can be processed. This information should be easily accessible to the employee, supervisor, and HR department to avoid possible errors.

5. Conformity

In the context of Singapore, labor laws and regulations probably determine the maximum number of hours worked. The time recording system should monitor breaks on your behalf, use this data for reporting and compliance purposes, and provide automatic notifications if the break pattern does not meet legal requirements.

6. Mobile

Today it is much more likely that the workforce of a company is scattered, with some employees working in the field, at home or elsewhere. A mobile version of your time recording software should allow employees to dial in using their mobile devices. This gives you an overview of the working times of all employees, not just those who are “on-site”. Mobile applications can also include GPS tracking systems for safety at work or site monitoring.

7. Elimination of missed shocks

Old-fashioned Stanzuhren were subject to human failure. It was easy for a co-worker to come back from lunch and start work and forget to stop at the clock to strike. At the time of the occurrence of the error, it may have occurred at the end of the shift. A manager would then be obliged to check the employee’s exact working hours. Modernized personnel management systems are designed to alert managers and employees to missed scores via self-service portals and mobile alerts. This eliminates the chance of missed punching.

8. Complete policy configuration

Under Part IV of the Labor Code, your employees are entitled to breaks, overtime pay and rest days. Either you have a group of employees who are entitled to overtime or other employees who are entitled to vacation, your ideal time recording system should be able to react to these scenarios.

9. Reports

Finally, your time recording software should be able to provide customized reports and analysis using the system data. Expect your software to provide you with information on the various attendance reports that give you an overview of work schedules, shift patterns, etc., in order to continuously improve productivity.

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