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Reason Why Your Employee Training Program is not Working

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Your traditional training programs are useless. Dumping employees in a dark, dingy classroom to train them in the traditional way no longer works. Instead of drawing your employees' attention, it numbs their minds and puts them on a memory track of their school days, making your employee training program a pointless exercise.

Conventional training methods do not have a boastful ROI. So why are organizations so intent on squandering their money by investing in them? People forget 50% of what they learn in an hour, 70% at the end of the day and only retain a maximum of 10% after a month. Is this curve simply dismissed by companies?

Just because your training efforts don't produce the desired results doesn't mean you can dump training programs. Would you rather risk untrained resources causing damage in your organisation? Training programs are critical to ensuring that your employees remain efficient, productive and engaged.

No matter how much you harass your employees' brains with boring presentations, retention rates will remain low. Is it possible to transform your training program into something that's fun, fluid, interactive and helps them learn what they need?

Do you really need a staff training system?

Although it may sometimes seem trivial or frivolous, training programs are necessary to expand your workforce's knowledge base and keep them up to industry standards.

To do this, you need a structured employee training program:
  • Provide all employees with the same background knowledge
  • Help for employees in transition (role/process/technology change)
  • Identifying and closing qualification gaps among employees
  • Reduce inefficiencies and associated maintenance costs
  • Improve employee performance and productivity
  • Reduce the need for supervision
  • Ensuring compliance with quality standards

How to create a training process with high impact

In addition to the enormous costs associated with training, there is also a lot of time and effort invested in it. This is hardly the right place to have fun and experiment. Yes, designing an educational program that is appealing and entertaining may sound like an impossible task.

But if you break it down into a series of concrete and calculated steps, it can lighten the load.

Determine the need

If you are redesigning your training process, it is good to start by finding out the "why". Your approach depends on the requirements. Once you have found out what you need to achieve with the training, you will get a sense of how to achieve it.

Discover the "why"

  • What is the purpose of this training?
  • Is it a training or retraining of skills?
  • Will it be tailor-made and exclusive for a few or general and open to all?

Identify skills gaps

Every organisation has its fair share of weak members (people who need the help/supervision of others) in the workforce. These workers are not unqualified, but only untrained. As with rough diamonds, proper polishing (read: training) will bring out the inner beauty hidden in them. An analysis of the skills gap will give you great insights into your company.

Find the weak link

  • What are the core competencies that your organization values?
  • What are the skills that employees with below average performance lack?
  • What trainable skills do employees with good performance have?

"All organisations face their fair share of training hurdles. But only those who recognize and accept the problem will find a way to overcome it."

Set clear goals

Now is the time to choose the goals for your training program. Setting clear goals ensures that you stay on course and work hard to achieve them.

Set your goals

  • What is a win?
  • When is a realistic time to expect it?
  • What other effects do you expect?

Draw up a plan

A boring training program can never attract the attention of your trainees. It's easy to design a value-added training program and deliver it in an attractive way. With a blended training approach you can win the undivided attention of your employees.

Be innovative in the development of your training plan. Engage your trainees with videos and interactive training exercises. Foment friendly rivalry between them to promote healthy competition.

Concoct a plan

  • Will the programme cause a stir?
  • How will it maintain attention?
  • What new media can you use?

Benefits of an effective training program

Traditional training usually instills a sense of fear of foreboding in employees. A pleasant and engaging experience will keep your employees from loathing the time they spend in the training room. Balancing the entertainment factor with relevant and useful information is the real challenge.

Implementing an effective training program using a training management system will benefit your organization:
  • Efficient and productive employees
  • Satisfied and committed workforce
  • A competitive advantage in your industry
  • Strong employee morale
  • Financial growth
  • Strong brand equity

Automation of the training and development process through training management systems

Just like any other business process, training is constantly evolving. Keeping track of all the details can upset anyone. When instructors are forced to write things down on paper, they lose all their time and energy with the tedious paper pushing. Digitization could reduce their struggles considerably, not completely.

Automation means looking at the training process and identifying tasks that can best be done by a machine rather than a human being. Some of these tasks include data collection, notifications, integrations and data transfers.

Use the IceHrm software to create an efficient training system with automation
The performance of your employees can be decisive for your company. Structured employee training and frequent training sessions can sharpen your employees' skills and keep them up to industry standards. In an ever-evolving business environment, only automation can help you stay ahead of the curve.

However, an off-the-shelf LMS may not meet the needs of your business. Adaptation may be too costly. Designing a solution from scratch will be tedious and time consuming. What you need is a lean platform that allows you to customize the available templates with easy-to-use drag-and-drop customizations. IceHrm offers just that.

Automate your training and development process with IceHrm to increase employee retention, reduce costs, improve quality, increase productivity and increase your ROI.

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