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Maximizing Potential: Benefits of a Simple Training Management System

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Why do employees value in-house training?

The continued popularity of traditional training is due to several aspects. Firstly, those who send their employees to the training courses can be sure that they will actually take part. Secondly, direct contact with the lecturer is invaluable. Anyone can ask him a question at any time, regardless of whether it is directly related to the topic being discussed or only loosely related to it but important at that moment. In addition, the trainer has the opportunity to experience the training participants "live": he can perceive their reactions and motivate those who are not sufficiently focused or do not understand something. Stationary training courses enable lively conversations between participants, allowing them to exchange their knowledge and experiences with one another. All of these factors influence the high efficiency and popularity of on-site training.

A training management system adapted to the actual needs of your employees

You may still have doubts about whether you need a residential course program. Of-course you need it! It often happens that managers offer a single, regular, unchanging, predictable, pre-planned training program and are not open to the suggestions and real needs of their employees. It may turn out that these do not exactly match the ideas of the person responsible for the training budget. If this person learns about the employees' new needs in a timely manner, he or she can react quickly: change the training plan or adjust the training budget. The size of the company also plays a role. In large companies, it is important to ensure an adequate flow of information regarding training needs and opportunities in order to coordinate this area of human resources management smoothly and efficiently. With a training management program - brick-and-mortar or online - you can create a platform for your employees to openly write about what type of training they need. You can think of different types of courses, such as: about soft skills, products or services. A dedicated training management system is also useful for efficient registration for training - for example, you can quickly check the number of participants in a course with a simple application. If you know the number of people who want to take part in a training session, you will know exactly how much the training will cost and what budget is required to organize the training for your employees. If you are responsible for the training budget in your company, you can keep up to date with the amount of funds already spent.

When does the training take place? You can find all the necessary details in the training management system

Has it ever happened that one of your employees forgot a training session? Has it ever turned out that one training session started at the same time as another, or that it overlapped with an important meeting with a client or contractor? Our in-house training management system displays the training schedule so you can see the dates of all upcoming courses. If some of them overlap with others and some of your employees cannot attend all of them, you can always change the schedule and send an updated version to all interested participants. The system offers another convenient option, which is to automatically send notifications and reminders about upcoming courses to participants, their managers or the trainers leading a particular training.

What's next? Take another look at the training management system!

Our training management system will help your organization manage all your employee training at one place.

Why do you need an in-company training management system?

  • You will learn what the real training needs in your company are.
  • You will be more effective at planning and organizing a series of basic, obligatory trainings for all the employees or trainings oriented towards large teams. You will manage the training budget in a better way.
  • You will automize the process of submitting training applications.
  • You will prevent the employees from forgetting about the trainings and ensure that various training do not overlap in time.
  • You will monitor and report the development of particular employees or departments in an easier way.

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