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Mastering Remote Hiring: 5 Best Practices

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Key highlights

  • Social media channels are among the best ways to hire a remote team.
  • ATS automates tasks, reduces administrative burdens and manages the workflow when hiring employees remotely.
  • Hiring software like IceHrm makes it easier to onboard remote employees to improve the overall hiring process.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies shifted to remote work. This not only helped manage budgets, but also offered the opportunity to attract top talent from around the world. However, as telecommuting has become an important part of company culture, careful adaptation of business models is also important.

The transition to hiring employees remotely will often prove extremely difficult, but it is key to boosting business. Notably, 47% of managers allow their employees to work from home. Therefore, hiring employees remotely is a good option.

Read on to learn how to hire a remote team.

How do you hire a team remotely?

74% of professionals believe that working remotely will soon become the new norm. So, when hiring remote teams, you need to know the basic practices to follow listed below.

1.Use social media channels

Social media channels are an excellent source for finding external employees. When hiring, you can approach applicants directly and check whether they are interested in the project. You can also use social media to check in which areas the applicants have already worked and what contribution they have made to the respective company.

Social media, especially LinkedIn, is a great source for showcasing company culture. Aside from your website, many applicants also look at social media channels. It was found that 86% of job seekers use social media platforms for their job search.

2.Offer great added value for your employees

The employee value proposition refers to the perks and benefits you offer your employees. These benefits can range from support to recognition of their hard work. Applicants who want to work with an employer usually visit the website to understand what they are getting.

The website should include a careers section for employee value proposition requirements. In this section, you can mention all of your benefits, including benefits, collaborative work environment, diversity and inclusion, company culture, and more. This section is a basic introduction to your company that can have a big impact on the candidate.

3.Create a good job description

One of the best ways to hire remote employees is to create a well-crafted job description. The job description should contain basic and additional information so that applicants know whether they are a good fit for you.

With a good job description, you will also be able to find the right applicants. The job description should include information about the company and the tasks and responsibilities expected of the applicant for the specific position. Since this is remote work, it is also important to point out any additional conditions.

4.Targeted approach

A targeted approach is highly beneficial when hiring remote candidates. It is advisable to raise the standard of questions accordingly. You should create a list of questions about hiring remote employees and their work environment.

Since you're hiring employees remotely, you don't want additional distractions to get in the way. It is important to understand their management skills and how they manage their time. At the same time, make sure that you are very clear about the conditions for remote work.

5.Check the composition of competencies

It is always wise to check the skills of each candidate before hiring them. It is advisable to keep the internal position in mind when interviewing candidates who will be hired remotely. Such questions will help you assess the applicant's skills as a remote worker.

When hiring, you should find out how long the candidate has been working in the field and what challenges they have had to overcome. You should also ask them how they communicate and how often they reach out when they need help.

Why use an applicant tracking system when hiring virtual employees?

Hiring virtual employees is often stressful and prevents work from being completed in a timely manner. Therefore, about 75% of employers use ATS software to save on hiring costs. So using an applicant tracking system can offer several benefits.

ATS software helps automate tasks and eliminate additional administrative burdens when hiring. The applicant tracking system helps stay organized and track the information of all potential new employees. When hiring remote workers, ATS software can also help manage workflow. This automates the hiring process for all new employees.

Hiring remote teams demands strategic approaches. Implementing best practices and leveraging tools like IceHrm streamlines the process for optimal outcomes.

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