Human Resource Planning Features

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Here are the characteristics of effective workforce planning:

1. Forward-looking

HR planning is prepared to determine the future demand for labor in the company. It helps to determine the size and composition of resources for future use.

2. Continuous process

Human resource planning is an ongoing process. Due to the constant evolution of external environmental influences, today’s personnel planning may no longer be viable. To take these changing factors into account, staff deployment planning must, therefore, be constantly reviewed and updated.

3. The optimal use of human resources

Personnel planning focuses on the optimal use of resources in the organization. It checks how employees are used productively. In addition, the existing skills and future potential of employees to perform the work are determined.

4. Correct types and numbers

HR planning determines the right number and type of people, at the right time and in the right place, who are able to perform the required tasks. It also assesses future labor requirements for the business objective.

5. Determination of supply and demand

HR planning is a process for determining the demand for and supply of personnel resources in a company. The matching of supply and demand then makes it possible to estimate the optimal level of the workforce.

6. Influence of the environment

HR planning is influenced by environmental changes and must, therefore, be adapted to changes in the external environment.

7. Linked to the business plan

Personnel planning is an integral part of the overall business plan of the company. It can be formulated at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

8. Part of the human resources management system

As an integral part of the overall human resource management software, personnel planning is regarded as a component or element of HRM in connection with the recruitment and evaluation of human resources. It forms the basis for effective and efficient personnel management.

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