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4 wise thoughts that motivate you at work

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I'm not sure you can call these wise thoughts powerful words that can motivate you at work. Perhaps they are more of an attitude or a way of being. But I believe that if you remember these words, if you take these pieces of advice to heart at work, you will certainly get a boost of motivation at work.

1.Discuss, do not complain

How often do you catch yourself complaining about others at work? Or do you find fault with others? Maybe you think you have a legitimate reason, but all that whining doesn't help you. It only demotivates you. When you do, you keep reminding yourself how bad your work environment is.

Here are the key words to remember: "Discuss, don't complain." What's the difference? When you discuss, you try to understand the root cause, and you try to find a solution. When you complain, you focus only on the problem and find "pleasure" in dwelling on the faults of others.

2.Listening to understand

Another important phrase to remember to stay motivated at work is "listen to understand." How often do you catch yourself listening to your colleagues only to refute what they are saying? If you act this way, how can you find a good work environment to stay motivated? The next time a colleague speaks, really listen to understand what they are saying.

3.Speak with understanding

Have you analyzed your speech at work? Maybe you should. How often do you hurt people with the words you say? If you use unkind words and repeat gossip frequently, you will inevitably create an unhealthy environment for yourself and your colleagues.

Other words to remember to stay motivated at work are "speak with understanding." Acknowledge and praise the good qualities of others. When we focus on the good qualities of others, we also feel happier. Do an experiment: speak well of others for a few weeks. A month if you can. Give someone a sincere compliment every day. Even someone you don't like. Then you will see how much more motivated you feel at work.

4.Help, not hide

The last three important words that will help you stay motivated at work are, "Help, don't hide." Whenever there is an opportunity to put yourself at the service of others, do it. The more time you spend helping others and not hiding from them when help is needed, the happier you will be at work. You will strengthen your relationships and build your network. These support systems will also come to your aid later when you need help.

Of course, there are more powerful words that can help you stay motivated at work. But start with these. They may seem like a few small phrases, but they're not easy to do. It takes months of practice. But if you are able to apply them over a longer period of time, you will notice a difference in your motivation at work., the best digital platform will help you finely manage your healthy working environment.

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