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The Best Way to Build Relationships With New Managers

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Consider the following scenario: It's your first day at a new workplace, which entails learning new job duties, integrating into a new culture, and joining a new team. It also implies that you're going to begin working for a new manager, who will have a significant effect on how you view working as an employee.

You will undoubtedly work under a new boss at some time in your career, even if you are a seasoned employee. At any stage of the employment lifecycle, you might begin reporting to a new person, regardless of whether you are promoted, your team experiences staff turnover, or you relocate to a different department.

So how can you build a rapport with a new manager when the time comes?

Here are a few pieces of advice.

Bring Your True Selves to Work

Ten years ago, the rule was to "keep your personal life and professional life separate," but in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic, an increasing number of businesses have urged their employees to bring their whole selves to work. This entails communicating with others about your personal life, including both within and outside of the office. It also entails providing information about your family and hobbies.

Building a good and genuine relationship with a new manager is more challenging if you don't bring your whole self to work. You'll be able to connect with them more easily, communicate clearly, and enjoy working with them overall if you let them get to know you.

Learn About Their Role & Career Path

It's crucial that you get to know your new manager as well as allowing them get to know you. What is their present position at your company, and how long have they been there? What organization are they coming from, and what was their position there, if they were hired to manage your team? You may learn more about someone's history, management style, and team goals by probing them about their professional path.

Be Transparent

It might be difficult to be open and honest with a new manager when discussing your workload, deadlines, and even your opinions. But being open with them is essential to getting your connection with them off to a good start.

Whether you require additional time to complete a task, believe a project should take a different turn, or are dealing with a personal issue that is hurting your performance, being transparent with your management from the start helps strengthen your connection with them. By doing this, you'll feel at ease talking to them and confiding in them in the future.

Seize opportunities and be assertive

Be forceful and take advantage of any possibilities that present themselves if you want to leave a lasting impression on your new manager. Show your manager that you are a team player by asking if you can start working on a new project or if there is anything else you can add to your to-do list if you are having a slow week. Consider asking your manager if you may speak at a team or departmental meeting that will be covering something you worked on. Naturally, certain possibilities could be more in line with your comfort zone than others, but seizing as many of them as you can will show your manager that you are willing to learn, showcase your leadership abilities, and ultimately help you advance your own career.

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