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Significance of Human Resource Planning

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Human resource planning aims to achieve the objectives of labour requirements. It enables the mobilisation of recruited resources for productive activities. Human resource planning is an important process to link the company's strategy with its operations.

The importance of human resource planning is as follows:

Future workforce needs

Human resource planning ensures that people are available to ensure the continued smooth running of an organisation. In other words, human resource planning is seen as a tool to ensure the future availability of the workforce to carry out the organisation's activities. It determines the future needs of the workforce in terms of numbers and nature.

Coping with change

Human resource planning is important for dealing with changes associated with external environmental factors. It assesses current human resources through an HR inventory and adapts them to changing technological, political, socio-cultural and economic forces.

Recruiting talented staff

Another objective of HR planning is to recruit and select the most competent personnel to fill vacancies. It determines the human resource needs, assesses the level of the available HR inventory and finally recruits the staff needed to do the job.

Human resource development

Human resource planning identifies the skills required for the different job levels. It then organises various training and development campaigns to equip employees with the skills and abilities required to perform the job effectively and efficiently.

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Appropriate use of human resources

Human resource planning enables the organisation to acquire and use the workforce effectively to achieve its objectives. Human resource planning helps to assess and recruit qualified human resources. It focuses on the optimal use of human resources to minimise the overall cost of production.

Reducing uncertainty

This is about reducing the impact of uncertainty caused by sudden changes in the organisation's human resource management processes and procedures.

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