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How to create a payslip template?

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As you have all the required payroll columns you can use these to create a payslip template. So let’s create a new payslip template named Sri Lanka Payslip Template and add all the columns defined in the previous blog.

  1. Log into the admin account and go to the payroll module
  2. Go to Payslip Templates tab under Payroll Reports session and creates a new payslip
  3. You can add your company logo, company name, employee details, and payroll columns. We have added the options for you to add a text field and separators as well. You can drag these fields and change the order of the payslip as you wish. Once you save the changes and when employees generate their payslips, it will show as below.

In order to do this;

  1. Give a meaning full name to the payslip template
  2. Click on Add New option under the Payslip Fields

3. As the first column, you can add the company name. Select the Company Name option under the Type and then click on Done

4. You can decide where to add the company logo. You can add it as the next step or you can keep it on the bottom as my example payslip below

5. You can continue adding Payroll columns using separators and text fields as your requirement

6. Once you’re done, don’t forget to Save

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