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Attendance Tracking With IceHrm Mobile App

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Installing an IceHrm attendance tracking application on your phone helps you keep control of your work. It is particularly useful for employees who work at a site that does not have access to IceHrm software, for those who leave the office to meet clients or for people who travel a lot. IceHrm mobile app support attendance and staff directory.

New IceHrm mobile app support to track the GPS location along with the attendance tracking.

The mobile version of the attendance tracking system is convenient, easy to access and you can take it with you wherever you go. All you need is your smartphone!

How to install the IceHrm mobile app?

You can download IceHrm mobile app on the App Store and Google Play and install it on your mobile.
IceHrm mobile app allows your employees to connect to their IceHrm account via mobile and update attendance and check the status of leave requests.
IceHrmPro - Apps on Google Play
The mobile application for cloud and IceHrmPro users

How to log into the IceHrm App?

In order to log in to IceHrm App, you need to have an IceHrm account.
  1. Log into your IceHrm account with your browser
  2. Go to the Personal Information module
  3. Click on the Basic Information section
  4. Under the API Access tab, you will be able to find the Mobile Authentication Code
  5. Click this button to get the code and use this code in the mobile app to log in to your account.

How to enable GPS location when employees are marking attendance?

  1. Log in to the admin account
  2. Go to the System Module
  3. Click on the Setting option
  4. Then go to the Systems tab, you will be able to find Attendance: Request Attendance Location on Mobile and enable it to Yes

How to mark attendance using the IceHrm mobile App?

  1. Log in to the mobile App and click on the My Attendance option

2. Then Click on the Punch In option

How the admin can view attendance details of the employees with location?

  1. Log in to the IceHrm Admin account
  2. Go to the Attendance Module on the Dashboard or you can go to the Manage -> Attendance and click on the Monitor Attendance option
  3. Go to the employee, you would like to see the location details and click on the view icon to check the employee punch-in location IP, coordinates and an option to view the location on google maps.

How to delete Users from IceHrm?

log in to your admin accountClick on the User setting on the Dashboard3. Go to the specific user you want to delete and click on the...

How to create a payslip template?

As you have all the required payroll columns you can use these to create a payslip template. So let’s create a new payslip template named...

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