What is the relationship between leave carry forwarding and leave periods?

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It is important to specify leave periods in the IceHrm software to enable the leave carried forward for the employees. Imagine a scenario that you delete your previous year's leave period from the system. Your employees have carried forward a balance from last year. Now your employees won’t be able to apply for the carried forward leaves. That’s why it is important to keep the previous year’s leave period and this year's leave period specified in order to enable Leave Carried Forward for employees.

How to add the remaining leave balance from the previous year, when you are changing your system to the IceHrm?

This is based on the common customer inquiry we receive. Customers questioned whether they will face problems while moving leave balance from the previous year in a third party leave management system to IceHrm. Let’s take an example query to understand.

I already have remaining leave balances for my employees for this year. As I’m changing company HR to the IceHrm now, from June how can I add already applied leave days for each employee to IceHrm

In order to do this, you can use the Paid Time Off option in the IceHrm software. For an example if one of your employees has 3 annual leave days remaining from 2019 (but you are not able to automatically move it to 2020 because you have not been using IceHrm in 2020), you can add a PTO days as below;

1. Log into the Admin account

2. Go to the Paid Time Off (PTO) element under leave setting

3. Click on Add New

4. Select the Leave Type, Employee Name, Leave Period and Leave Amount

5. Then Save it

After adding the leave balance you will notice that the employee has 3 annual leaves extra instead of 14 in the leave entitlement. Also, you may add negative leave balances under PTO for the current year to reflect already taken leaves by employees. These options in IceHrm software will make your lives easier in handling HR activities.

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