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The two types of inspiration

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It's easy to spend all day looking for inspiration. You can find incredible videos, articles, and news stories and email them to all your friends. But the best (and most lasting) kind of inspiration comes from applying that outside motivation to your own goals.

Make no mistake: it's important to be a learner. Successful people in all fields soak up new information. They find inspiration and motivation in the work and success of others.

The problem with this, however, is that consuming the successes and ideas of others is a passive inspiration. Every time you watch a video, read an article or listen to an interview, you are practicing passive inspiration. You may learn something, but you don't actually have to do anything. Hearing about the success of others is not the same as creating your own success.

Instead, it is through the process of active inspiration - the act of creating things, applying new ideas to our goals, and making mistakes - that we discover who we are and what is important to us. Moreover, it is an active inspiration that leads to long-term passion and enthusiasm. Watching someone else's success may get you excited for a few minutes, but taking action yourself and implementing a new idea in your life will inspire you more than anything anyone else could say.

Learning and listening can help you look at things differently, but creating, producing, and experimenting are what will move you forward. Passive inspiration can give you ideas, but active inspiration will give you momentum.

The best inspiration is the application
Inspiration is not about taking in information. Inspiration is the application of what you have received.
-Derek Sivers

When you come across a good idea, use it. We spend so much time looking for inspirational things to consume that it's easy to forget that the best form of inspiration comes from what we create.

It's about stumbling upon a brilliant idea and implementing it in your own work. It's about finding a new strategy and applying it to your own goals. It's about learning a new exercise and incorporating it into your training. The application of ideas is always more effective than the ideas themselves.

Too often we spend our lives consuming the world around us rather than creating it. Sure, other people's ideas provide some motivation but don't forget the power your own actions have to inspire you. The best inspiration comes from applying ideas, not consuming them.

A mere advice from a promising digital HR platform.

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