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Managing Leave As An Employee

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In this tutorial, we will cover how an employee can check their leave balance and how employees can apply for a leave request.

To view your leave balance as an employee, login to your IceHrm account and go to Leave -> Leave Management -> Leave Entitlement.

You can view details like number of approved leave requests, pending leave requests and other related details for every single leave type as shown below:

Click on the show calculation option to get an in-depth view of the leave calculation details.

How to request for time off?

To apply for a leave, go to Leave -> Leave Management -> All My Leaves.

Under this tab, you will be able to see all the leave requests you have applied for so far. To apply for a leave, click on the Apply Leave button and input the relevant details.

Now when you click on the continue button, you will get a summary of the leave request as shown below. Make sure all the details are correct before clicking on the Apply button.

Now click on the Apply button and now you have successfully applied for a leave as an employee.

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