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How to select employees for your payroll report using IceHrm?

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Our customers often come up with this question, that they want to specify people under their payroll reports. This can be easily done using the company payroll option in IceHrm. When you specify employees under this option, you can easily generate a payroll report of a particular set of employees as your requirements.

1. Log into the admin account and click on the payroll module

2. Go to the payroll reports session and you will be able to find the company payroll tab

3. Click on the Add New option

4. Now you can add the specific employee you want, select the pay frequency and the currency

5. By selecting the calculation group, you are able to categorize your employees in generating the payroll report

6. You also can use the calculation exemptions and calculations assigned options according to your HR requirements

check the below example so you can get a better idea;

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