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What is the Recruitment Management System?

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A Recruitment Management System, also known as an applicant tracking system, is an online software with various processes designed to manage recruitment from a central point. RMS facilitates all recruitment processes from job posting to onboarding of the applicant.

Why implement a recruitment management system?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to recruit highly qualified personnel in order to conduct the recruitment process in the most effective and competent way. In addition, crucial time is wasted in carrying out strategic human resources work when searching for the CV of the potential employee for the company. Therefore, most companies are willing to pay for software to manage the recruitment process in order to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Secondly, it helps to quickly find the right employee for any vacancy. Third, the Recruitment Management System helps the manager to track the work of the recruiter and other members of the talent acquisition team, even if they work in remote locations. This software is also used for recruitment tracking.  A Recruitment Management System helps the head of HR and the CEO to manage.

What features should one look for in an "online job recruitment system"?

The most important features of an applicant tracking system are the following:
  • It must have a user-friendly interface, and the recruitment solutions it offers should be designed in such a way that it also allows the first user to work smoothly
  • It must be able to view and search CVs based on various parameters based on qualification details, experience, skills, etc.
  • It must be able to accept customized recruitment strategies for the recruitment process
  • The "software for the recruitment process" must be able to search CVs in different formats
  • It should be able to check if there is any overlap and must be able to identify possible thefts
  • All communication should be directed to the different users from a central point, the strategy should be one of these
  • It must have information on all open positions so that there is a match between the skills of the candidates and the career option in question
  • Software for the recruitment process should have the ability to create a portfolio of individual candidates and also upload CVs
  • Excellent screening of the CVs to get the best report with the relevant candidate information
  • Sharing the relevant information to enable internal staff to develop better analysis and strategies
  • Must have a robust request management system to respond promptly to the question raised by a candidate
  • Should have the ability to mass upload an employee recommendation
  • Must be able to effectively disseminate the job offer
  • The internal hiring team should be able to receive different types of reports in different formats for better decision making
  • Thisis "online application recruitment system" must be integrated with other software for good optimization
  • It should have a visual presentation strategy
  • It must also have a better security solution for recruitment
  • It should have a system for tracking applications, as this is the most time-saving feature The recruitment phase of each candidate is known to the HR team
  • Interview planning is an important aspect. The application tracking system can be easily synchronized with the HR team's calendar and avoids duplicate scheduling, if any
  • social media play an important role in the HR recruitment process. Companies can use social media as a platform to advertise and conduct an initial screening of candidates with the basic information available in social media

Which processes need to be automated in the recruitment management system?

The recruitment management system must have automated processes to ensure that the journey is smooth for the recruiter and other members of the talent acquisition team.

What all processes can be automated is explained below:

Data maintenance:  For every vacancy in an organization, the recruiting team receives a lot of CVs, and these CVs form a database for them for the future. The recruitment management software separates the CVs by skills, experience, qualifications, etc., making it easier for the recruiter to obtain a summary by mentioning the separation parameters.
Recruitment: This is another area where automation could be of great help, as a recruiter receives the majority of the CVs each time they are opened and it is not possible to look through all the CVs and remember all their contents. An online recruitment system facilitates the process by scanning the CVs, separating them according to different parameters and selecting the best ones.

Interviews: The recruitment management system also helps in the interview part. According to a survey, the whole recruitment process from job posting to acceptance of the offer letter takes about 1.5 months. RMS integration with e-mail, calendar and employee schedule helps the recruiter to check what time period is available with the members of the interview panel and accordingly the interview can be set for a candidate. This time slot problem occurs at most with the management, but with a software for tracking recruitment, this problem is largely solved.

Onboarding: The online recruitment system automates all recruitment processes including documentation and the onboarding part. The digital signature can be provided by the applicant on relevant documents.

Methodology of the recruitment management system

The Recruitment Management System manages the entire recruitment life cycle:

To be informed about the details of the vacancy  

The Recruitment Management System helps from the beginning of the recruitment process. The HR software can be customized according to the client's needs.  From recording the demand for a particular resource, through all the approvals required to fill the vacancy created for that resource, to the live placement of the vacancy. The software generally works with role-based email notification and approval to ensure that the vacancy is approved and goes live. It can familiarize itself with the expenses that a company has incurred in its hiring process. This online job management system can be used to learn about the expenses incurred in the hiring process and help in better decision making.

Applicant's Appeal

The applicant's vocation can be created by making the job advertisement available on the website, intranet and job portals, etc. First of all, the necessary information that a candidate wants to know must be available on websites. By using RMS, a customer-friendly career site can be developed that takes the user directly to the main website, thus providing the best experience for the applicant applying for the job posting. When it comes to placing employees, such software can be of immense help, as it makes the information available both on the intranet and on the company's own website. Those companies that are also dependent on the recruitment agency for their recruitment process can also know about the work and performance of the recruitment agency. A company must establish a preferred list of recruiters. The "online job management software" sends the invitation only to these consultants, and they in turn send the candidates.

Applicant selection

The recruitment management software will help to create an efficient system for selecting applicants. The selection criteria can be fully customized to the needs of the company. It uses the killer questions to prevent the application of an unsuitable candidate from the outset. Online tests, verbal argumentation and numerical tests help you to sort out candidates who do not meet the required standard.

Joining process

The joining process for employees is a very important process. A company can use a recruitment management system to facilitate the candidate's accession process. The software helps to start this process before the candidate actually joins. The HR portal must have the ability to fill out the post-recruitment forms etc. online, and the integration of the HR portal with the HR management system enables the data flow so that no data entry or re-entry and no potential errors are required.

Management information

Management information helps to make the best possible decision based on reports captured with the identification of problems and measure progress; such reports, ranging from simple to complex, can be retrieved from the system. It is also possible to receive reports on the same data in different formats. The comparison of reports in the different phases of the recruitment process is performed to know the area of improvement, strength, etc. Pivot, Excel reports can also be received through such software.

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