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Spidergap provides features and pricing that support your next steps, whether you're searching for a 360-degree feedback tool that is ready to use right out of the box or you'd want to personalize the entire process. Organizations that want to give their leaders sophisticated 360-degree feedback reports that are simple to view and act upon while also being configurable should use Spidergap.

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For businesses who are searching for a simple-to-use application that offers useful 360-degree feedback, there is Spidergap. With Spidergap feedback, more than 2500 customers in 134 countries have pleased their leaders.

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Pricing is calculated based on the number of employees receiving feedback. For example: 10 employees receiving feedback: $89 per employee/year 25 employees: $79 per employee/year 50 employees: $69 per employee/year 100 employees: $56 per employee/year 250 employees: $44 per employee/year 1000 employees: $22 per employee/year As low as $12.50 per employee/year.  Spidergap offers a 15% discount for charities and academic user

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