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  Reading Time: enables HR managers to control the whole employee lifecycle in one location. Plan team-building exercises to involve current employees, keep track of all candidates' recruiting process at a glance, onboard new hires using pre-made templates, and make use of data-driven insights with analytics integrated into your everyday workflows. Last but not least, combine with Gmail and more than 40 applications you already use to simply add the platform to your present processes.

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A multitude of teams, big, small, and cross-functional, in a variety of industries worldwide. Its intuitive interface and customization capabilities makes it suitable for any project and business.

Pricing Details offers a free forever plan for up to 2 seats, after which pricing scales based on the number of seats, as well as functionality needed. Paid plans start at $10/seat/month, billed monthly, for the Basic plan and include a minimum of 3 seats. Other plans are outlined below: Basic plan: starting at $10/seat/month billed monthly (or $8/seat/month when billed annually) Standard plan: starting at $12/seat/month billed monthly (or $10/seat/month when billed annually)

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