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Simple, fast and friendly online payroll software built for small businesses and backed by the world's friendliest support. Everything you need to pay your employees and contractors while staying compliant with payroll regulations is included in one simple plan. Features include: Direct deposit, tax filings, year-end reporting, online pay stubs and more. Get started today and see how Wagepoint can help you save time and money.

Best For

Wagepoint is a cloud-based payroll solution that works well for sole proprietors, S Corps, startups and any small business with <100 employees.

Wagepoint Pricing Overview

Wagepoint pricing starts at $40.00 per feature, per month.They do not have a free version.Wagepoint does not offer a free trial.See additional pricing details below.

Contact Details

Located in Canada

Pricing Details

Wagepoint is available to small businesses across North America. The plans are priced as follows: US Customers: ($20 base fee + $2 per employee) per payroll CA Customers: ($20 base fee + $2 per employee) per payroll Everything is included - direct deposits, government remittances (CRA & WCB) / reporting (Federal, State and Local taxes), year-end T4s and W2s, online paystubs and everything else a small business needs from a payroll perspective.


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