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The employee experience platform for expanding companies that prioritize their employees is called Pingboard. Pingboard's organizational charts, automated onboarding, and communication tools may help you create a culture of connection. Through acknowledgment, 1:1s, and surveys, promote community and involve everyone in a constructive feedback loop for developing, evaluating, and improving experiences. Everything takes place in a single location that employees genuinely like utilizing, and you can gather useful information to advance your company at the same time!

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Built for growing organizations with distributed workplaces that choose to put their people first.

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Start free, upgrade any time. Pingboard base plan is 100% FREE. Designed for individuals looking to build a stunning org chart. Paid plans start at $49 per month and offers an intelligent org chart for your entire company. Connecting Pingboard to your HRIS system for an automated org chart! Never worry about removing or adding new employees, Pingboard's automation takes care of everything.

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The best AI-powered recruiting and staffing solution is CEIPAL ATS & CRM. It is intended to find and hire more people while consuming less time and...   Looking for a HR App for your company? Try IceHrm, today.