Expense Management

Configuring Expenses Module #

Expense categories and payment methods can be configured under Manage -> Expenses. Also, Managers can view and approve or reject subordinate expenses under the same module.

Admins can view and edit expenses from all employees.

Adding Expenses #

Employees can add expenses under Finance -> Expenses -> Add New

Fill in the necessary fields.

· Date — Add the date of the expense.
· Payment method — Select the payment method whether cash, cheque, or card payment.
· Payee — Name of the employee who needs to get the payment.
· Expense Category — Select the expense category accordingly.
· Currency — Enter the currency which needs to be paid in.
· Amount — Enter the total amount of expense.

In addition to this, you can request your employees to attach proof here. For example, they can attach a receipt of the expense.

How to add an expense category? #

If you want to make changes to the Expense module in IceHrm, you need to log in to the Admin account.

Follow the below steps;

  1. Go to the dashboard and click on the Expense Management module or You can go to the Manage module and click on the Expense section.
  2. In IceHrm we have already defined some expense categories which are in the use of the Industry. If you want to add anything else, you can click on the Add New option under the Expense Categories tab
  3. Then Add a meaning full Name to the expense and Save

Approval Process #

You can define 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level approvers for employees (while editing an employee). These approvers and the employee’s direct supervisor will be involved in the approval process of most of the entities added by employees.

How to enable multilevel approval for an employee expense? #

In order to enable multi-level approval for the employee expenses;

  1. Log in to the Admin account
  2. Go to the System module and select Settings session
  3. Click on to the Other tab
  4. Under the Other tab bottom, you will be able to find Expense: Enable multilevel approvals. Click on the edit button to make changes
  5. Set the value to Yes and save it.

How to approve an expense as an Admin/Manager? #

Once an employee requests an expense, the manager will receive a notification to the top right corner:

You can click on the notification to proceed. If not,

  1. Go to the Finance Module
  2. Click on the Expenses Session
  3. Under the Subordinate Expenses tab, you will be able to find the requested expense
  4. Click on the blue color Change Status option to proceed
  5. Change the status to Approved and then click on the Change Expense Status option

Pre-Approving Expenses #

If the Setting Expense: Pre-Approve Expenses is set to Yes (change the value to 1), all new expenses will be approved automatically

Reporting #

Expense reports can be downloaded under Admin Reports -> Reports by specifying a date range.

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