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IceHrm has an Opensource edition which you can install and run on your own servers or a cloud hosted edition with a bunch of additional features.

IceHrmPro® provides you a lot more features than Opensource edition at a fraction of cost compared to other HRM software

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IceHrm Overview

A quick overview of the features supported in IceHrm

Expense Management

  • How to configure expense management as an admin
  • How employees can add expense
  • Expense approval process

Custom Fields

Projects and Clients

IceHrm In China

Human resource practices differ from country to country. But IceHrm can generally handle most of the different policies. For an example leave policies for most of the companies in China can be executed using IceHrm. Also if you would like to know how well IceHrm can handle Payroll calculation for China please contact us via our contact form

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IceHrm Mobile App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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